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building repak recycle week 09


Its a little of a crazy one when given a one day build time for any garden… everything must go perfectly according to plan… 

Unknows to most preparation for this garden started about 7 weeks ago. 

‘The greenhouse effect’ was intended to be a full and proper garden but as things do change… the ‘fail to prepare’ cliché definitely lent itself to this one. Once again it is only by working alongside such amaing people that everything runs so smoothly and it [some may say 😉 ] appears to be so easily done.

There are people involved in this short time frame build who where given literally hours notice, there are those who would have been on the phone to me on their weekends and/ or well into the wee hours of the night. In fact there was at one point 2 wheelie bins being cut up at approximately 11pm at night… once again at an hours notice [thanks John 😉 ] To those who did make life that little more enjoyable rather than work stressful. Thank you. It is also because of you that I love so very much what it is I do. 🙂

For more information on repak recycle week 2009 visit www.recycle


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thanks mr. hollywood

I really can get so caught up with designing gardens and all of that rain a simple love of what I do that sometimes I forget the less green things that happen in my life. Some time ago I got this in the post from a really nice guy called Fran Hollywood.

I put it in the glasshouse and took this photograph.

fran-hollywood polystyrene-peter-donegan
thanks fran...

I had been talking to Fran about polystyrene and some projects I had in mind. I mentioned too him that in the form of packaging some of the community recycling centres refused to take only this. I also explained that I therefore became a little concerned over it’s ability to be recycled. This is what Fran sent me….

Hi Peter,

good to talk with you today. Here are some links relating how polystyrene foam (also known as Styrofoam and EPS) is recycled.

If you need any further info give me a shout.

All the best

Fran Hollywood
Made in Hollywood
Thistle Cross
Co. Louth.  Ireland
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