Ladies View, Killarney

No this not a postcard. This is the view from what is known a Ladies View, In Killarney. It is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to in my life.

People say Ireland can be expensive – well this is as easy as a picnic, if you chose to do it that way and it is one of the few things in this country that the government cannot put a tax upon. Personally, I would [and will] sit looking at this for days.

I made it here because I took the road less travelled. I got lost, intentionally – and was so happy that I did. From Killarney town it took me approximately 4 hours in total to get to Macroom in Cork. To put in context it only took me about one hour on the way over 😉 The reason it took so long is that I stopped everywhere.

To be honest I found it hard trying to pick out just one photograph of my journey. I will go back. Sooner than I thought. When you do – don’t bring a sat nav. You’ll thanks me for it. I promise. Instead swap it for a poetry book.

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This was the journey from Conavee to Killarney…..

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cork waste [matchers] matter

waste matters

waste matters

I met Catherine Costello, the project manager for waste matters at Damien Mulleys event. It was unusual, to see a website such as this represented at what was essentially a ‘how to use a weblog best‘ seminar – mainly as I thought I would be the only one [ie with a ‘non techie’ blog].

Catherines, now famous, story was how a flat screen television was found in a skip – before you ask it only needed a new plug!

I had a rumage through the site [click here]. For me it’s well built, very well designed and very easy to use. I found I could have refurbed my office, my house and got two bikes. One person was even donating 50 computer monitors. I know last week I had 2 sheds, an outdoor table c/w 6 chairs to give away and thats just the start of it. Bulaidh bós to Catherine for so many reasons – one of which was attending courses like to and appreciating that we can all learn more. With that in mind it’s is a pity others don’t take a leaf out of her book! hmm wonder will I find anything for my garden….

Category Description Amount Available/
Baby Goods Reversible buggy. Available Macroom Details
Baby Goods Cosato stroller good condition Available Crookstown Details
Bikes & Accessories 2 mens bicycles Available Youghal Details
Furniture Wooden bunk beds wanted can exchang… Wanted Rosscarbery Details
Furniture Green three piece suite. Available Midleton Details