m9, m7, m50, m1, mmmmmm….

I’ve been working near The Curragh recently and my journey is one that sees me up at around 6am each morning. No problemo! A big bowl of porridge, a lovely brew of fresh ground coffee and I’m on my way…

I’m a happy go lucky kind of chappie. I work long hours, but then I prefer to sit next to a tree and wait; rather than get stuck in traffic… that’s my decision and I like it. I really do love what I do.

I know there are road works in place. There always will be. I’m regularly stuck behind ‘the pothole police’ in my home town of Ballyboughal… but I’ve been driving M1 – M50 – M7 – M9 for a while now and it must be said the Dublin road side of things, aestethically, is particularly brutal!! [I had another word in mind there].

The trees in one stretch were absolutely bludgeoned. There are no trees for the most parts. It is so bloody boring, grey, banal… where’s that darned thesaraus when you need it…

So what, for all of the toll charges, road tax, tax on vehicles, on car insurance… i’m mssing a few taxes here aren’t I…? do *we* get in return..? Well, not much really it seems. I did find one piece on the naas road where there were forsythia in flower… but that’ll be gone soon enough. Without using my telescope or seeking the assistance of a fortune teller…. I reckon, if I was in charge of transport – I’d be in big trouble?

If you would like to tell Noel Dempsey, minister for transport, how you feel – you can contact him here

giving berth to pour l’amour de jeux – bloom 2008 [8]


This morning at 5.45 am after 11 long hours labour, Pour L’amour de Jeux finally gave berth to a 7 tonne, 11 metre long Pink Boat in the Phoenix Park Dublin.

With amazing help from John Farrell, John Friel, Whittens Road Haulage, The Garda Suíochana, Maura Hickey, Colin Browne and Gráinne Walker; this journey was finally made possible. If I have left anybody out it is because none of us have slept since finishing loading at 12.30am and arriving back to depart at 3.30am!! But it must be known the real journey started a long time ago.

…and so what started as a child like dream has been given berth and here another story begins. Today, some laughed, some smiled and some pondered; But whatever this story [ultimately the garden], brings to you, it was built only pour l’amour de jeux [for a love of the game] and no matter the size of your smile when you see it complete – this amazing journey if nothing else, has left me in no doubt regarding the amazing people and the genius minds I work and spend so much time with. Thank you all [it’s not over just yet], but it’s certainly a little easier….