Red Is The Rose

Well, one should do something for Valentines. It helps that I absolutely love this song.

Love you all 😉

song courtesy: Martin Byrne Music

I Love You More

For those in my life who make it a better place to be.

Well…. ye know…. 😉

The Song of a Wandering Mind….

I was going to drop this in somewhere else…. but I think it fits here. On its own.

This picture was taken by my good friend John in The Iveagh Gardens. Suits the poem I feel.


3 minute wonder…

all you need is love…

did he ask you...?

did he ask you...?

….and I love this day. I am a romantic. A sporadic one some may say or irrational with regard to my showings of affection. But I love this because it makes the silliness of doing things that were accepted when I was 14, because I was a teenager, acceptable again for just one day. Rather than that feckless eejit should learn to grow up. It is also a day for those who are not good at it to go a little further than one normally would. It is a day for silliness. For me love, romance and being in love always was about being silly and doing crazy things that you can’t or ‘shouldn’t’ do anymore because you are ‘not supposed to’. If you don’t remember crying over one girl in your life… you have not lived.

Whether you are going to pop the question, getting remarried, getting a fatwa or just simply ‘fancy yer wun’; with handmade card in hand [yes i said handmade] here are my 10 things that you can do for with your precious love. Five are free and five cost a little. Enjoy!

That aside – if you, he or she popped the question… 😆 A big congratulations to you both. And with that in mind congratulations also to Ciara Crossan of Ciara and her team are having their official launch party this evening in Cork. [sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you. A great service, a great women, a great team and a great site. Be sure to stop by her website, drop her a note and say hello.

By the way did you tell her she’s amazing…. 😆