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longlisted for the irish blog awards…

nominated @ 150% (CMYK/Preview)as this is my first time to be nominated for the blog awards… the process was a little new to me and ‘maybe’ to you. I have written about it before – but that was because I was nominated. Now, I have been longlisted.
As a brief by the way there are two official blog awards logos – so I have chosen this one by Davy for this post. Thanks Dave 🙂

Here’s how it all goes: First one gets nominated. Then one goes to the long list. From the long list the nominees are whittled down to a short list of just five and from there the winner of that category is announced. A blog is only allowed to be nominated [eventually] in one category. The winners will be announced on February 21st, on the awards night.

To quote my last post on the Irish blog awards I feel sums up how I still feel. Thank you so very much once again.

That said – awards or not, it is because of *you* that I write and to be simply nominated is reason enough for me to smile :)

As I said above I have a choice of category and must chose one or have it chosen for me. But, I really am just so happy to be a part of it. And as I am a newbie – I think I’ll let the judges decide that for me.

Here are the longlists of the two categories. One again many thanks to the sponsors. Have a leaf through – they are all, really, good blogs.

Best Specialist Blog – Sponsored by iQ Content

Best Blog of a Business – Sponsored by