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Straight from the European Union and more organic information:
DG ENV informed the Group about the EU Ecolabel scheme, which has been in place since 1992. The scheme has to be reviewed and the Commission has proposed appropriate amendments to the Regulation – and the Ecolabel scheme would now cover food and drink products as well. This will not be implemented now, but only after a study has been made by the end of 2011. The study will involve consumers and assess whether the Ecolabel will be compatible with the EU organic logo.
CIAA, IFOAM and COPA-COGECA expressed their concerns – including the major risk that consumers would be confused and misled and they called for some kind of communication strategy.
ECVC pointed out that the Ecolabel scheme has been used more traditionally and this calls for cautiousness and that the creation of a new scheme would not benefit anyone. In FairTrade’s view it would be essential not to devaluate the organic EU-logo. CIAA suggested that not only consumers become involved in the study but that the Commission
used other alternatives such as round table meetings. They also presented the argument that the study should not be rushed through with the sole purpose of carrying out new initiatives. EOCC addressed the certified system; separated or single out for the revised scheme.
DG ENV stated that the criteria will be improved and strengthened every 3-5 years and that the Commission was aware of the dilemma between fair trade end eco. The Chair concluded that the Group needs to be informed, so that the concerns can be addressed.


Answers on a postcard and  have a great bank holiday weekend 😀

interview with a blacksmith

Trekking through The Craft Council of Irelands section within Bloom this year I met blacksmiths Michael Budd and Stephen Quinn.

I did do a live stream interview but it didn’t work out as well as I thought. Still blown away by the old techniques that [still] exist… I returned the following day.

I’m so glad I took the time to talk to Michael

Go on get something made…. you know you want to 😆

Irish Artist Blacksmiths Association
Association Bushy Park Ironworks
Unit 22-24 Greenhills Business Park
Co. Dublin
tel: 01 4622788

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write, is there any point…


snow point....!

Well there is something good about this weather, horticulturally, but that’s another post for next week:) In the meantime now is a good time to get a little of myself out there. For as you [should] know by now I love to write. I love horticulture. Put the two together and I’m pretty much loving life.

For the moment here’s what someone else has written about me…

Peter studied horticulture for four and a half years. He holds a certificate in commercial horticulture from Teagasc, an Advanced Diploma in Horticulture and the general examination in Horticulture from the royal horticulture society. He is also a Full Member of the Institute of Horticulture.

Peter has been involved in the horticultural industry since 1992. With several working places in Ireland, England and Scotland before starting his own business, Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd.

Peter has written for many publications; The Farmers Journal, Self Build Ireland magazine. Freelance including The Irish Independent, Diarmuid Gavin Design magazine, Horticultural and Landscape Ireland.

For those who don’t know… I have written about ‘horticulture’ pretty much since time began. If you do need a writer, a one off, a freelance, a regular… then here’s a brief synopsis of who and what I am… I need a writing challenge.

If you’ve got a idea, a suggestion or simply want a cup of real coffee [arsenal mug supplied – see photo -or bring your own 🙂 ] you can contact me by phone, email info[at]doneganlandscaping[dot]com or simply direct message me on twitter.