Garden: Tigers Childcare Garden, Swords, Co. Dublin.

tigers childcare, garden swords dublin

This garden in mind, I’ve somehow started thinking back on my growing up in 1980’s Ireland. Not so I might start talking about chiselers and in my day we didn’t have type talk. More I started thinking of them itchy knitted Christmas jumpers, growing plants under my bed, waking up to Baba O’Reilly, rounders and my Mothers octave higher pitched tone regularly reminding me how I never had any toes left in my ‘good shoes’. Good times.

To our garden(s) and styles at the time, Ireland hadn’t really hit the log-roll pandemic and composting was solely known a heap down the back of the garden. And if you could find a lawn mower without a briggs and stratton engine in this country, you got sent to Bull Island for 10 years so people could point at you. Or so legend has it. 

To more serious matters; and fast track forward to present day and I guess there is an element of how far things have come and though I (?) don’t think it was as we know it today; in part as I’m one of 8 children; Childcare seems to have evolved and in this case of outdoor spaces and sensory and childrens play gardens, so much for the better.

This gardens before and after video.

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Landscaping: Swords, Co. Dublin

donegan landscaping

It is an absolute wonderful feeling when I…. and yup I’ve said something along these lines many times before I’m sure…. have a picture in my head of how something will turn out horticulturally, of the future. And then you, I in this case, buy a De Lorean get to the future and it looks even better.

Is that a bit like baking a cake ? I dunno. Maybe it’s just that these babies, the trees that is, aren’t really one of them that you find sitting on the shelf at your local garden centre superstore. In context, to say I was over precious about these 35 cm girth absolute stunners, is an understatement.

donegan landscaping

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