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Lough Ramor, County Cavan

lough ramor

Lough Ramor is a beautiful lake near Virginia County Cavan.

I was there initially at Lough Ramor camping but I have chosen, in blogging terms, to keep the camping seperate from the actual lake via an entirely seperate post.

The fishing people will be much better versed than I in what it is good for but many boats and many methods were spoke about in how to best get ones rewards from a days outing.

Other than fishing, not so much water sports but canoeing and paddling boats were a regular fixture during my time there. I however chose to walk the peripherals and enjoy what it is I should and did admire.

Wikipedia tells me that it is a large natural lake of around 800 hectares, that Lough Ramor has been designated in 2011 by the EC as a Special Protection Area (SPA) and also

Lough Ramor is a partly wooded wetland site, a haven for many species of wildlife both resident and migratory. Available recorded history indicates that nearly half of the 170 acres (0.69 km2) of Deerpark woodland was once oak woodland, the timber being used for building and agricultural purposes. During the seventeenth century it was reported that early Virginia settlers had to transport their building timber from west Cavan and Fermanagh. The early nineteenth century saw extensive tree planting of ash, elm, oak, larch, spruce and Scots pine. In recent times additional broad leaf varieties were planted including sycamore.

The most recent site study conducted by the Government Department of the Environment describes the Lough Ramor area as a hollow in the Silurian strata that covers most of eastern County Cavan. Lough Ramor is a very shallow lake with a pH of 7.5 and a maximum depth of six metres. The water is nutritionally poor but is periodically enriched, resulting in algal blooms. Being situated on a different rock type than other Cavan lakes it differs also in appearance. Much of the shore has semi-natural woodland of alder, willows and hazel. The stands near Virginia were originally planted.

more images of Lough Ramor

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Mullach Lough, County Cavan

mullach lough

Located near Virginia County Cavan, I stumbled across this lake very much by accident. From one of the brochures I found this information:

Mullach Lake was formed by huge glaciers during the last ice age as was much of the landscape in this part of County Cavan. The lake is now home to a wide range of waterbirds including winter visitors from as far away as Iceland and Siberia making this an ideal spot to stop for a picnic.

I’m inclined to agree with whoever wrote it….

From what I can remember from reading the signage by the lake Mullach Lough is about 35 hectares in area with an average of 2.3 metres depth and a maximum of 8 metres.

More than that I could have sat here all day long. So very well maintained and really I am just surprised it is or has not been better noted by the tourism boards as being such a great asset. That said I wasn’t complaining.

It’s very evident that work has been done here in keeping the surrounds updated and the new walkway an addition that doesn’t look so out of place. The plant life here is stunning and the information given on the bird life would make me want to revisit if nothing else just to see how it would look at the varying times.

I did do the picnic option and spent about 3 hours here.