No John keyes, Thank You!


I got this in the post this evening.

The note came attached with a #sodcast coffee mug and badges. In a funny sort of odd last few days, this really did make me smile. I now have a great reason to slurp my mugga caffeine this Thursday.

I’m proud to say I know John Keyes.

Thanks John. 😀


The Sodcast – Episode 6

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First Up:

WebAwards Nominated badge

The #sodcast has been nominated for the Realex 2010 Irish Web Awards in the Best Independent Podcaster category [of which is still available for sponsorship]. There are some really great podcasters in there. I’ve put a list at the bottom of this post [just scroll down….] Go tip across and take a look, applaud the sponsors and congratulate some great websites and the organisers. Well done all. That aside, as I always say….

That said – awards or not, it is because of *you* that I **write and to be simply nominated is reason enough for me to smile :)

**in this case speak

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And Finally:

From this report from The Wiley Online Library

This study examined the effect of definitions for organic and natural on willingness to pay a premium for organic over natural chicken. Data were collected using surveys and experimental auctions that were conducted before and after information was presented. Before information, approximately two-thirds of participants inaccurately equated the requirements of natural with those for organic. After information, nearly 50% increased their premium, while 30% decreased their premium. Logistic regression results showed that consumers who had overestimated the requirements for natural were most likely to have an increased premium after information, with significantly higher bids for organic. For those who decreased their premium after information, awareness of consuming genetically modified (GM) foods was a key variable. The non-genetically modified (non-GM) requirement of organic appears to be of low value to some consumers. Overall, consumer confusion regarding organic and natural standards may be having substantial impacts on the two markets.

Great Irish Podcasters:

Thanks to Bernie for this snapping and sharing

John Keyes Has [Apple Tree] Problems

If you don’t know John Keyes…. you should. One of lifes really nice guys. More than that he always mostly [ 😉 ] says hello, goodbye and thank you. I like that. I like John because of that.

Last week John sent me this video. He has had some problems…

I have had apple tree problems before myself. I understood the dilemma John was in. I rang John and got some more information, as you can see from my technical notes


And in response I made John this video. It was just too much to do in writing and verbally with images was better in this case I felt. That said I could do with a professional camera man. That aside, a problem solved for Johnny 😀