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5 Books For A Little January Garden Inspiration

garden inspiration books

I don’t really do or buy the off the shelf garden design type books. I find many of them bore me very quickly. It’s not their fault. Or mine. I’m aware I maybe think a little outside of the box. An odd fish in that department maybe, but I’ve seen and done most or all of that contained within before.

In my own library I love the old books that I own. The very old, that I bought second hand for £3 when I first finished my horticultural studies. I find them a little like reading turn of the previous century romantic Irish poetry, translated photosynthetically. Or at least that’s how I see it. Maybe it’s because one couldn’t go to college, in them days, come straight out the far side and say, for I am a garden designer. Instead, one had to earn their stripes.

To the point, this is not a review of any of these 5 books. They are but 5 that I browsed through and chose, from of a possible 80 or so. To clarify, one won’t find a full free garden design and planting plan from any of these. If on the other hand your brain can actually picture a cow jumping over the moon, then they are right up your and my alley and you will take something from them.

And how that, whatever it maybe, is made or created is always part 2 of the equation. You get where I’m coming from… A little like the bird feeder, made from an exhaust pipe. See image below.

All of the books a by the way are available from my local Fingal library in Swords.

  • Outdoor Design Paving – Clarc Matthews
  • Bunny Guinness – Garden workshop
  • Making Garden Furniture From Wood – Anthony Honitor
  • Junk Genius – Juliette Goggin and Stacy Kirk
  • Recycled Home – Mark and Sally Bailey

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