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On this weeks garden radio show it’s all the garden advice you need to see you through the month of June. From man chores, garden building and the 5 minute per week gardener to the apartment balcony and or those who simply like to enjoy the beauty of what is green and outside. Any Q’s, hints, tips or you simply wanna say hello, just use the twitter machine and the hashtag #SodShow 😉

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The Sodcast – Episode 22

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The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

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This Weeks Oddities:

GIY Ireland is launching a new group for Dublin City Centre on Saturday 22 January at 12 noon in the Food Co-op, Newmarket, Dublin 8. I got this email in yesterday from Tricia.

Hi Peter,
I’ve just been browsing your website – really liked the aversion to pomposity and the sound of the best garden group in Dublin. I can hardly spell horticulture, so the group I’m getting off the ground will be a galaxy away from yours, but I thought you might know some people who’d be interested in it? If you could forward this info below to them, about the new Dublin City Centre GIY, on to them I’d be delighted. Obviously if you were interested in coming along too that’d be fantastic.

This paper has just been published by Shane H. Morris and Charles Spillan. EU GM Crop Regulation: A Road to Resolution or a Regulatory Roundabout?

Abstract: Since first embarking on the road of risk management options for the regulation of recombinant DNA (rDNA) activities and use in 1978, the European Union (EU) has largely failed to create a regulatory and policy environment regarding genetically modified (GM) crops and their cultivation that is (a) efficient, (b) predicable, (c) accountable, (d) durable or (e) interjurisdictionally aligned. Recent proposed regulatory changes announced by the European Union Commission (July 13, 2010) aim to allow member states to enact restrictive measures on cultivation of GM crops based on broadly scoped non-scientific criteria. In light of the European Union Commission’s proposal, this paper reviews the EU’s past efforts to effectively regulate GM crops, critically assesses the impacts of the new regulatory proposals, and examines some of the key outstanding issues with the current EU regulatory framework that will need to be considered as the EU moves forward into its next phase of GM crop governance.

I got this in from @Grannymar

Hi Peter,
Guess what I found.  The instructions I used to cover my sink and wash basin – the ones in my garden and not the bathroom!
Lán grá

And Finally: