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RTE Television Room To Improve Garden Design

Peter Donegan garden designer Dermot Bannon Julian Benson RTE television

Peter Donegan (landscape architect) and Dermot Bannon (build architect) who will team up for RTE Television’s Room to Improve with Julian Benson (Julian Benson Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) above, at the launch of a mammoth build project and tv special for RTÉ One television.

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Landscaping Matters Magazine: Irish Garden Designer Peter Donegan

When discussing child proteges the first name that often comes to mind is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The 18th century Salzburg superstar was a talented pianist, violinist and composer by the age of five. Dublin-based Landscape Architect Peter Donegan certainly wouldn’t compare himself to Wolfgang, but he does share some similarities. He too, was an early starter, but he happily describes his young self as “nerdy and geeky”, rather than anything as pompous as a “protégé”.

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Keynote Speaker Peter Donegan Australian Institute of Horticulture Conference 2023

Australian Institute Horticulture Conference 2023

  • When: 27th October 2023
  • Tickets: $ 300 via
  • Title: Growing the Green Economy
  • Venue: Civic Reception Room, Cairns Regional Council Offices, 119-145 Spence St, Portsmith
All Posts Garden Talks and Events with Peter Donegan

Guest Lecture Peter Donegan at The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Australia

By invitation of Melbourne Friends Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria – A Guest Lecture with Garden Designer Peter Donegan