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Irish Blog Award 2010


The 2nd round results for the Irish Blog Awards 2010 were announced today.

This year I wasn’t as fortunate. That’s allowed. Those remaining in the race really are an amazing list of  weblogs. My congratulations sincerely to each and every one of them and sincerley also to the sponsors. Big bulaidh bós mór there.

Of course I’d like to win every category, but I don’t particularly undertsand techie stuff. I just know how to use it. On the other hand give me a tree and ask me it’s sisters name and I will make it talk to you. 😉

As I said in 2009 and in 2010

That said – awards or not, it is because of *you* that I write and to be simply nominated is reason enough for me to smile

Best of wishes to each and everyone of you once again. Still…. was nice to see my name and a flower in there somewhere 🙂

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