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Growing Lettuce From Seed

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In the good old days of 1980’s Ireland the fashion was to buy part grown lettuce sets in white polystyrene trays. Some chose to sow them from seed, but the idea was to grow your few heads in the vegetable patch… d’ye remember them ? and that’s what Irish children ate for an entire summer. Ah the good old days 😉

Now it seems the fashion and how I like it is not to have to feed on an entire lettuce head and eat it as soon as it’s cropped. One can simply pick and eat a handful of leaves as and when you feel like it. For me they are much tastier and naturally should as they are so much younger and fresher than the outter leaves of a supermarket size lettuce head.

I don’t buy any particular type of brand or seed and generally don’t use a paid for growing medium where I can. There’s not really much else to say for now that I can think of. Any Problems or queries just leave a comment or hit the contact page above.