The Inis Mór Temple Street Half Marathon 2013

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Over the weekend just gone, April 19 – 21st 2013, myself and good friend Anthony McGuinness sprinted jogged crawled completed the Aer Arann half marathon 2013 for Temple Street Childrens Hospital on the beautiful island that is Inis Mór. I know, you’re looking at the picture above and thinking how dashing we look and how wonderful we did to come joint seccond that we are not even in chronological order after completing the 13.1 miles round trip.

My wry wit aside and though there is good reason why Temple Street is so close to my heart, to the big picture, funds were raised for Temple Street. From a what did ye win perspective; everyone who crosses the line gets the exact same applause, cheers and colour medal. Sometimes in life, I guess it’s not the winning that counts, but that you did.

The bi-product, if I’m allowed use that word, of doing something like this is also how one completes that journey. And without question the island of Inis Mór and the people who live there are in equal measures really so very beautiful. A note of thanks in that to our Bean an Tí, Geraldine of Ryan Seacrest B & B who gave me extra strength ground caffeine in the mornings; to everyone we met over the weekend; the staff of Aer Arann and of course  the angels that are the staff of Temple Street Childrens Hospital.

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I should also note The Sodshow microphone did come along and as with last year, we will be reporting from there this Friday. On another slight side note, I could not have completed the journey alongside a finer gentleman than Mr McGuinness and your hard earned sheckles, help and words of support. Thank you, all so very, very much.

….now where did I leave that bottle of WD-40 ? 😉

The mahoooosive thank you list:

update 28 April 2013:

whilst there The Sodshow also managed to squeeze this in… if you listen carefully you can hear my bones creeking 😉

temple street half marathon 2013, inis mor

The Temple Street Music and Quiz Night

temple street half marathon 2012

This Saturday. March 30th. 8pm onwards. Taking place in O’Connors Pub in Ballyboughal, its near Swords, Dublin and it’s the only pub in the village. I’ll be doing a muisc and quiz night extravangaza so I can do my 3rd half marthon for Temple street Childrens hospital. Which is where all spondulas raised will go to.

I’ll keep from print the finer points as to why Temple Street is so close to my heart and before I have a Jerry Maguire moment. I’ll get back to the yapping about the big night…

On the big Night:

  • Skerries legend and Music man Martin Byrne will be kicking off the night from 7.45
  • Then we head into the main show bonanza and the super dooper table quiz
  • There’ll be the also sooper dooper raffle
  • and spot prizes
  • and food. yummy
  • And this followed by [for one night only] DJ Brian Greene

5 Euro Per Head OR 20 Euro For Table Of 4! Don’t worry if you come on your own. Or as a trio. We’ll fix you up with somone

Wanna know What Temple Street Will do With The Dollars ?
This year we are hoping to raise €60,000 to purchase 4 diathermy machines to be used in theatre. These machines are necessary pieces of equipment for the operating theatre and provide optimal support for operative procedures in virtually all medical fields. The diathermy machine is used in theatre and is employed in a controlled manner during surgery to seal small blood vessels by coagulation and to cut through layers of tissue.

Further info:

UPDATE: After the 2013 Temple Street Half Marathon


A 2012 Temple Street Half Marathon Thank You !

Aer Arann Half Marathon 2012

On behalf of everyone at Temple Street I would like to say a huge thank you and congratulations on completing the Aer Arann Islands Half Marathon 2012. What an achievement; to complete 13.1 miles on the beautiful island of Inis Mor. Your support is a vital part of the care we provide to sick children from across the country, you should be very proud of this wonderful achievement for Temple Street and we hope you had a fun weekend.

With your fantastic enthusiasm and the faultless support of the team at Aer Arann and the people of Inis Mor this continues to be a very unique and special event for our hospital. Each of you play a very important role in making miracles happen here every day at Temple Street, thank you all once again and we hope to see you in 2013!

Kindest Regards,
Marianne Rowan

Children’s University Hospital
Temple Street
Dublin 1
01-878 4639

What more can I say. Thank you all so very much, again.

Peter x

Temple Street. Half Marathon. 2012. April 14th. Wants €650. Thank You. Please.

Donations Thank You Note To: Luke Donegan [no relation]; Eoin Delaney of Directing Media ;

temple street charity run

There’s a recent enough and great reason why Temple Street Childrens Hospital is so close to my heart, but in short and for the moment this is a gig I am now doing, again. NB: we all got a medal. everyone. I did not come second 😉

Here’s my thoughts on the matter 😉 Press play and take a listen

Gimme Some (half marathon) Love People. And Thank You 😉 (mp3)

More than that I am asking for your help and in short I need €650.

What will Temple Street Childrens Hospital do with your money this year ? Marianne who works there explains:

Hi Peter,

Great to hear you’re on board again this year. Please see below what we are raising funds for this year.

Our aim for 2012 will concentrate on fundraising for two ICU Specification Patient Monitoring Units. The Intensive Care Department at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital needs additional Pandemic ICU Specification Patient Monitoring Units. In the event of a Pandemic or surge in activity these pieces of equipment are vital as they enable us to monitor patients on a close and regular basis, whilst the child fights their infection.

I’ve set up a My Charity Page  were you can donate securly online and any amount is appreciated however if you are feeling a bit groovy you might also consider a slightly larger wad of cash. If you do and [understandably so] wanna little more bang for your buck ? No problemo. Wanna chat ? I’m open to any suggestion and my details are below.

temple street 2012 half marathon

Contact Peter Donegan

Further info:

Inis Mór

I was on Inis Mór to do a half marathon for Temple Street Childrens Hospital. I felt it only right to seperate the two and give the island a post to itself.

Getting to the island can be done in a few ways but our journey started on the Friday from Aer arann airport in Galway and this audio with Nick McGivney describes the check in procedures.

In a little 9 seater plane I sat in the co – pilot seat as we took a highly recommended Aer Arann plane journey to Inis Mór which takes about 15 minutes. The tail end of this video shows Inis Mór airport. Surprisingly it’s quite a busy one.

I took this video from outside the Ard Einne guesthouse. What is of interest if you look closely, is the amount of walls on the island. They are simply amazing if nothing else for the fact that the stones so loosely sit on top of each other and if slightly touched will fall off. However the extremes of weather couldn’t do so, hard as they may try. Clodagh tells me the reason they don’t fall is because the wind blows through them.

The island itself is the largest of the Arann Islands and sits about 13km off the coast of Galway. It measures about 14km x 3.8km. It is considered a Gaeltacht island [irish speaking] and hosts a population of about 800 people. There are a few varied spellings to its name but I prefer Inis Mór as it seems to be the one used locally.

Wikipedia explains:

Prior to the 20th century, the island was more commonly called Aranmore, or as Árainn na Naomh (Irish: Árainn Mhór) (i.e. “Great Aran”) in English; from the traditional Irish name, leading to confusion with Arranmore, County Donegal. The Irish word Árainn means “long ridge” which is an apt description for the island. The name Inishmore was invented by the British Ordnance Survey in the mid-19th century. The new name is grammatically incorrect in Irish: because inis “island” is a feminine noun, a following adjective must be lenited, so the expected name would be Inis Mhór. Árainn is still the official Irish name.

The boat journey became the choice of return transport… this short video explains why

Lasting about 45 minutes the sailing was a journey I was glad to take.

I loved Inis Mór. The people are so very friendly, extremely kind and very much part of the reason I would go back. Whilst I did run, jog, walk crawl an approximate 20 km of the island I did only have a short stay. The islands beaches and views are just beautiful and the easiest way to get around these it seems is to hire a bike or to take a horse and cart trip. Of the places I did get to I can highly recommend:

Of use for travelling and information is:

If anyone has any further information on Inis Mór or lives there it would be great to here from you.

And as Clodagh would like to say:

Go mbeireadh muid beo an bhlian seo chugainn – May we be alive this time next year!