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There’s an odd little spot in my garden, right beside my washing line area and at the back of my shed/ chicken house. I felt it needed something a little…. to brighten the place up.

Hanging baskets seemed like a good idea, but then they may pose problems with wet compost and such dripping on the clothes.

That aside, you may remember I hung some hanging basket brackets recently. The brackets themselves can cost up to €20 each. There were three of them and by the time you buy the raw plugs, screws and drill the holes it can take a few more shillings to complete the task. That of course before you buy the baskets.

I got these from my next door neighbour who bought some newer ones. The uprights are 2 old tree stakes and a little bit of old timber going across the top. The screw hooks may have cost [say] 20 cent each. After that I gave it a lick of some old blue paint I had in the shed. Total cost 60 cents.

I then planted some herbs in them that I had grown myself. At least if they are going to interfere with the clothes it’ll only be by scent.

Great for small gardens and particularly if you are stuck for a little space.

If you have all the materials/ tools you need this wee job may take about an hour.

Garden Gallery

There are many gardens I have created and designed over the last, more than 10 years now. These are just some of the images that may help in giving you an idea of just what kind of possibilities exist with your great outdoors.

recycling in dublin….

I always wanted to meet the lads in one of these places. No particular reason. Just intrigue I guess. And it’s important. And I guess I irregularly get those calls saying ‘do you know if they take that kind of stuff….’

Nice lads. Very interesting place.

more information at the Dublin waste website

small gardens [more] ideas

I rumaged through the archives to find some images that may help you a little better along the way in getting some ideas for your garden.

Like one… dislike another… you might just find that little bit that may make your smile a little brighter 🙂

***for more information on small gardens – click here

recycle a [red] satellite… ?

I wanted a bird bath for my ‘wild’ fruit garden area

remember my very dead [& red] tree….?

remember my long grass under the fruit trees….?

I found a satellite and had some paint left over….

I also needed a bird bath… 😉

And I fancied a little ACDC….

It makes me smile in the morning 🙂

Here’s how it was all done…. enjoy!

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