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Garden Fair and Talk at Huntstown Community Centre

On Thursday 3rd May I gave a talk at the first ever Garden Fair at Huntstown Community Centre, Blanchardstown. It wasn’t supposed to be a big event, when I first got the call. It was supposed to be a cup of tea maybe, and a garden talk to 30 or so members of The Ladies Club of the Community Centre.

Within weeks 3 of the ladies, Sharon Farrell, Sheila and Bernie took it upon themselves to create a real event, for the community. What it became was a live on stage garden talk/ demonstration with gardeners Q & A session after. Around that was organised the plant and garden paraphernalia fair where I did happily spend a small fortune.

At work on the evening, far far bigger than myself was a real community. Big smiles, nothing too much to ask for or do and genuinely fine hearted people. In context, it was the first ever talk I have done where I was greeted with a real big hug. A Quality I’m proud to note I encourage in my wee daughter Ella.

To everyone that I met, it was a real honour, sincerely. To Sharon, Sheila and Bernie I’m looking forward to our next cuppa already. To Huntstown community for the gift and to The Ladies for the beautiful card and the so very much appreciated gifts, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much. Take a bow, you are simply wonderful.

More info:

  • Bernie Kennefick, Huntstown Community Centre,
  • Address: Huntstown, Dublin 15
  • Web:
  • email:

All Posts Garden Talks and Events with Peter Donegan

Gardening Talk: Huntstown Community Centre

huntstown community centre, gardening talk

  • Speaker: Peter Donegan
  • When: Thursday May 3rd 2012 @ 7.30pm
  • Where: Huntstown Community Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
  • Admission: €2

The last garden talk I did, it was €6 in to hear me talk. Now, I’m an absolute bargain at just €2 entry. All for a great cause and what promises to be a great bit of craic 🙂

In case you are wondering, I didn’t make the poster noted. But, with a big smile, the story goes a little like so.

A few weeks ago I got a message in from Sharon Farrell of Huntstown Ladies Club:

Hi peter we are a group of 30 women in the huntstown area of dublin 15, and meet every thursday evening at 8pm till 10pm we would be very interested if by chance you could visit us in our local community center and give a talk and advice in relation to gardens and plants…..

Of course I had a wee chat with Sharon and a few days later this message arrived:

Hi peter, had a meeting with club and all is going well. we are having our night in the hall and decorating it, some garden centers have donated plants and flowers to us, we will have public coming too, and is it ok with you if photos are taken and….

Naturally [with another smile] I agreed. And then I got this message….

Its kind of heading into a big event peter, everyone very excited we will be doing some raffles too to raise some money for the local kids and elderly in the community, so we decided to call it the sod show event, hope you enjoy the easter

Got a garden, a window ledge or a balcony, pop on by and say hello. I’ll look forward to seeing you for what promises to be a cracking night and I’m happy to say a little bit more of an audience than the initially intended 30 ladies. 😉

More information via Huntstown Community Centre.

Seperate-ish Update: I’ve been asked to note if any garden related companys wanna get involved and donate some plants or garden paraphernalia. Go on. Go on, go on, go on…… g’wan. Good causes and all that. You’ll feel much better for it 😉