the ultimate guide to chick-hens

big smile...

big smile...

Since I last wrote about ‘The Supremes’, things have really settled down. In the last ‘snappy’ post, the day they arrived, the set-up wasn’t exactly complete.

the complete hen runhomemade chicken hen perchchicken hen feature old tree stump

  • The chicken wire I got wasn’t 6 foot tall [more 3′ approximately] and I only had enough to go once around. I completed the upper level with that green tennis court kind of mesh… [see pics above].
  • I made a little perch for them using the pole off a broken sweeping brush. And I threw in an old lump of a tree stump as a sort of feature. They use both to sit upon.

I know that the hens food can be expensive; [depending on what you buy] AND as a result of that…. I now realise the amount of S*** one can be sold and how the products and prices are figured out is almost beyond me. In some cases, disgraceful to be very honest. It almost makes me a little angry. Bad bandwagon jumping where nurturing and encouragement should be given….

To that…. I’ve seen such varient & useless paraphernalia; most of which I can only describe as ‘dog kennels on stilts’ and all sorts of fancy bags of ‘super dooper hen feed’ and honestly, 99% of it is all crap. FACT. Something I’d hope the likes of Richard Corrigan will point out on his show…. ? Whats worse is a lot of these bandwagon jumping guys are getting in touch with me…. ? A lot of them don’t even have chickens!! Some have even taken the notes from my blog…. hmmmm 😯

It’s a ‘family’ way. It’s a way of living. It has F*** all to do with this word as the media constantly suggests it does [and as does The RTE/ Corrigan show]. Not when a shed costs €360. A good ‘buy right & buy one once’ shed by the way. In my honest experience – anyone who has hens, fowl, chickens…. etc… [and to all of the press out there….] It is cheaper to buy a tray of eggs, for the first few years at least. If you do write anything else – you’ve never lived the good life and know nothing about it.

feed for hens barleyhen water feederhen feeder

  • Back to the nice business… the big bag of barley 40kg costs about €10 in a good old style honest farm supplies shop. This and the kitchen green waste will feed them. They absolutely love potatoes and the peels…. but not so much carrots it seems 🙂 I might change this to a bag of wheat when that runs out.
  • The water container [white kind of upside down bucket – see pics above with a red bottom trim] is only for baby chicks so they don’t fall in. Any bucket that will hold water will do. Even I can be sold ‘stuff’ that is unnecessary…..
  • The steel feeder is necessary if you have a daily job… but keep it inside so as to keep the food dry – otherwise it turns to slop.
  • The four hens cost me €12 each. That will give you a good guide on how much to pay.

...all this for an egg

And after all of that… and just 11 days after arrival…… I got my first egg 🙂

There was a bit more of a hullabulooo in the run today [see pics below]. I stepped in to see the ‘nest’ being prepared. Poor thing didn’t know what was happening…. but all is good. The other guys were faffing around like…. like, well headless chickens I suppose… 😉

I can now walk in and pet them. The dogs have grown accustomed to them. It has however been a learning curve and a journey of sorts; yet,  one I am glad to have taken part in and I do love dearly, still. I always have

Most of my materials came for free… or I had them already. Maybe in a year or 2 it will pay for itself…. but not this year. But then, I am happy. I am 99.9% of the time a very happy chappy and that’s something no amount of money can buy 😆

the other hens want to see whats going onhens perparing to layhen making the nest

Was it worth the money? every penny! Would I recommend it? 110% Whatever you do and however you choose to do it…. have fun, smile and above all enjoy…. I promise you, for the first egg alone, it’s worth it!!

this video is courtesy of my friend Blaithín.

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recession talking getting depressing

peter donegan landscaping boomBrendan O’Connor wrote in the Irish Independent [29th June 2008]

There have been a few mutterings about a recession, which is a nice word for depression. The reactions by the media to this have been interesting. The media seems to be thrilled about it. ….You get the impression they think it’s a good thing.

People are asking me all the time hows business..? is it getting quiet..? NO! For the brilliant time things are fine. The only thing this apparent gloom reminds me of is when [eg.] you break your arm. The first time you’re asked ‘ah how did that happen?’ Full story given… but by the time the 40th ‘do-gooder’, fairy cakes in hand asks… heads are gonna roll!

First: this article from a previous post [click here] is well worth a read before you go further. Second: No business has ever been a stroll in any park.

I’m one of eight children. My father is a wine merchant. Fancy? I’m no expert but me thinks not so much in the 1980’s. A little easier now?

Interest rates at over 18%? Emigration at 45k per annum? 85% mortgages? Unemployment at 375k? Not anymore. Two things: they don’t make land in Ireland anymore – and – you can’t continuously build 60-70k houses per annum. logic?

I hear tell of contractors not getting paid. That always happened. I hear tell of people paying 50k for a house build when the other 2 prices are around 100k – [I can’t wait to see that one ‘when’ it’s finished! – this also always happened.

House prices are cheaper? Good. But what’s better now? As a good friend [a civil engineer] said last week ‘any bank manager with a screwdriver could call himself an electrician and the week after he was building houses… those guys are gone, thank God!’ This was also relevant for landscaping and garden design.

The other side is that a lot of businesses ‘gave a price’ and got the work and semi retired after. If one took the p*** through the ‘boom’ – it may just have come back to haunt you.

Apart from that what’s new… nothing really.