the farmers markets…?



my reasons for starting Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd are probably quite different to those of most in business [?] to be very honest. But as I have said recently it always comes back to the fact that I love what I do.

With that in mind, I was thinking that maybe the Donegan Landscaping team might do the Farmers Market. Not so much to earn enough money to retire [humour…?!!], but moreso to go back to the reason why I started. I’ve no plans in place, nothing ready, not even a venue – I simply mentioned it to the team at our weekly meeting. The guys seemed quite enthusiastic about the whole thing! Which is really good 🙂

So I said I’d put it to the people and see what the thinking was. The poll is below and if you’d like to [go a stage further] leave a comment, one can do so below.
Many thanks in advance, Peter.

beautiful bulbs


It is that time of year again. It is time to start planting bulbs. [more information on how to bulb plant here].

It is a case of decide what you want – next year – and back track to now. The only problem with planting bulbs, for you as the client, is that the results are not immediate to be seen, one must wait for Mother Nature to take her course.

I really like when spring bulbs they are planted under the lawn. Sounds a bit odd? Not really. When most things are dormant and the grass isn’t growing, there’s very little competition for growth [ieg. daffodils]. This means when they are due to be cut back [the grass should be around head height of the bulb], depending on the variety, the grass is mowed at the same time.

If you have a small garden, one can literally underplant the entire lawn. It looks absolutely amazing. If you have a balcony – simply plant them in containers and [just about-ish] forget about them.

My EASY list for what will be in flower during December – February and what you really need to consider planting NOW include the crocus,cyclamen, anemone, iris, narcissus [daffodil], tulipa [tulip]. Of course there are a lot more that can be planted but these would be considered more ‘the usual suspects’ I suppose.

I want to thank you…

'your money' does so much...

‘your money’ does so much…

I want to thank all of you who raised, donated [no matter how much] or simply gave me your couple of spare shillings, for my second journey with The Niall Melon Towship Trust. This will be my second year travelling to Cape Town. Thank you all. If not to me for the charity. Bulaidh bós – you deserve applause!

To this I must and should thank those who helped me. I had to raise €5,000. This is how it was done, with *your* help.

There was of course the ladies who did the mini marathon for me and raised over €710. Ladies, from my heart, I thank you.

niall mellon township capetown

niall mellon township

There was also a client who, on her behalf, Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd donated the entire paid invoice. This raised €2750.

There were those who purchased tickets for the Gardeners Ball, an amazing night, made more special by those who I spent it with. We really had ‘a ball’ at that one! Half the money from the ticket price of €250 went towards my journey. This raised €750.

There were those who gave me VIP tickets in exchange for a very large pink boat. I bought these myself for recently married friends [i couldn’t get a higher bidder]. This raised €790, the balance of the account.

All that’s left to say really is… thank you [all] for being a friend

Individuals: Helen & Noel O’ Dwyer; Derek O’ Dwyer; Sean & Frances Gordon, Siobhan & John Farrell; Liz Matthews; Mary & Lilly Yu [my niece]; Jackie Donegan; Kathleen & John Friel; Noel & Stephanie; Michael & Nicola Nugent; Paul & Emer Kenny; [little] Sarah O’Dwyer [if there is anyone else please email me and i’ll add you to the list]

Companies: Packing Machine Solutions; Niamh Butler Architects; Electric Picnic c/o Pod Concerts Ltd; the staff of Iarnród Eireann and the staff of Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd.

want a career with award winning soul?



At Peter Donegan Landscaping & Design we pride ourselves on creating only the finest gardens of the highest achievable calibre.

With national awards for garden design, landscaping and more recently the quality award – it shows that no matter what we do, as a team, from start to finish, inside and out – if quality assured is what you want,  the donegan name will be there.

We are a highly motivated team of professional horticulturists and we are always looking to hire the finest and brighest individuals with the talent and soul to achieve our high standards – if you are inerested in a career with Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd please email a copy of your Curriculum Vitae to info[at]

quality award for donegan landscaping

peter donegan landscaping, quality award bord bia, landscaping awards

Pictured above Aidan Cotter [Bord Bia], David Milner, Peter Donegan [Donegan Landscaping] and Trevor Sargent.

Friday 8th February saw The Donegan Lanscaping team awarded The Bord Bia Quality Award. Last year we achieved the award of merit, but, thanks to the hard work of the entire team, we have been certified a Quality Approved System.

Put simply, it certifies just how good we operate and are managed behind the scenes and professionally as a business.

In the meantime, thank you all for your support of the last years; and the years to come.

donegan gardens, dublin