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Garden Walk: Biodiversity Week 2013

biodiversity week 2013

  • When: Sunday, 19th May 2013 @ 1pm
  • Meet: O’Connors Pub, Ballyboughal
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • What’s The Deal: It’s part of National Biodiversity Week 2013
  • Booking: just turnup

More Info On the Walk ?

I’ll be leading a group of shiny happy people cross country through some of Dublins untouched and best kept natural secrets and Ballyboughal’s hedgerows. It really is a different planet off the beaten track and it’s a walk that I do fairly irregularly. It’s also pretty much the finest way to enjoy the great outdoors that sit right on your and my doorstep. Got a degree in horticulture or simply like the fresh air, it kind of doesn’t matter where we’re going. 😉

What is Biodiversity ?

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Welcome: The Garden Group Returns For 2013

garden group

A Very Brief History:

It’s August 2009 and a plethora of lovely people respond to the following question

Would you Join a Garden Group ?

Now 2013, at the beginning of season 4 and with an average of 4 gigs per year, all done free gratis, there begins another fine season for the outdoors happy heads.

All I should add, with very huge thanks to you* for coming along and equally to those who offered me sites, gardens and their time whilst we the garden group was visiting there.

At the time I also noted the characteristics I felt you needed:

  • an ability to smile
  • a likening for the colour green in any shape or form
  • any knowledge of horticulture or gardening was very much optional

Of note maybe, previous rambles have included Ireland Eye, The War Memorial Gardens, Sonairte Ecology Centre, Corkagh Park and Rathbeggan Lakes, to name just a few. Should you have a suggestion, own or know of a place were where the garden group could go or visit…. you might drop me a line. Details below. In the meantime….

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National Tree Week 2012

From National National Tree Week 2012, these are some images and a wee vid that I should have put up here much earlier, but erm…. gardens, me, busy, outside etc 😉

The audio from this walk will air tomorrow Friday 23rd March on The SodShow. Scroll to 16 minutes 23 seconds if you just wanna hear the National Tree Week stuff 😉

I should also note that a donation of €3 was asked for on the day and the proceeds are going to the Temple Street gig I’m doing on Inis Mór this April. This makes me smile.

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Garden Tour: Hedgerow Walk – This Sun, Jan 29th

hedgerow walk

Amongst the many varying brilliant things that The Ballyboughal Hedgerow is one thing you can take for absolute granted is that it is a brilliant day out for any age or group of people.

That aside there is always some form of a theme to them. The first walk of 2012 is themed

5 x 500 Year Old Bridges In One Day

Hedgerow Society walking 29th January (mp3)

We won’t being spending 376 hours looking at Bridges and hedges just in case you are thinking that… It’s a walk. It’s the craic, the banter and on your merry way – you might ask:

Wooo00oot the flippin jaaaaaysus is that over dere, Luv ?

hedgerow walk dublin That’s were chatting to Anne Lynch or Peter Donegan maybe comes in. Or not. Whichever suits you the dandiest.

Who, What, Where When, you’re now asking ?

  • Date: This Sunday 29th Jan 2011
  • Time: 2pm – or – 2 ‘o clock whichever you prefer
  • Meet: O’Connors Pub, Ballyboughal
  • Cost: make a small donation if you feel like it – if not, no sweat brother. It’s heading the way of Temple Street Childrens Hospital fyi 😉

More info or any help you may need – simply contact:

  • Peter Donegan on 0876594688
  • or Anne Lynch on 0863638487
  • or email

Links and info that may help:

NB: this is not a [Peter Donegan] garden group outing outing [official], yet it is. That’ll be announced later this week and takes place Sun 5th Feb

hedgerow walk

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Grace Dieu Hedgerow Walk

hedgerow walk grace dieu (22)

Yesterday I went walking with The Hedgerow Society through the lands of Grace Dieu, Ballyboughal.

The Hedgerow Walks are I find what keeps me very much on my toes. It is at this time of year knowing trees in the distance by their silhouette and it is plant identification in its finest format on the move, without books and straight from the brain. It is that that I have to know, being a horticulturist.

Grace Dieu Hedgerow Walk (mp3)

More than that, it is knowledge sharing and an understanding of why everything that should be in the great outdoors, sometimes is not. Nothing could be reason more than the local knowledge of the lands at Grace Dieu, Ballyboughal where once lay a Nunnery dating back to 1190 and its small village settlement. Although some stone work  is visible above ground, a lot of it resides now below and is the main sole reason why on a dry day foundation outlines are clearly visible and a fine explanation as to why crops would falter. In short, information no book could ever explain.

Many thanks to all of those who I met on the day. It was, yet again and as always an absolute honour.

Next Event:
  • Date and Time: Saturday 3rd December, 10.00 am
  • Meet Point: Cafe in Ardgillan
  • Details: Walk around Ardgillan grounds on a field trip with Declan to find out what happens to nature around us in winter.