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A Thanks To You from Temple Street

Thank You So Very Much cc/ @temple_street 🙂 (mp3)

Audio note of thanks above. Letter, penned [typed] note of thanks below 😉

Thanks again, so very, very much


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Temple Street. Half Marathon. 2012. April 14th. Wants €650. Thank You. Please.

Donations Thank You Note To: Luke Donegan [no relation]; Eoin Delaney of Directing Media ;

temple street charity run

There’s a recent enough and great reason why Temple Street Childrens Hospital is so close to my heart, but in short and for the moment this is a gig I am now doing, again. NB: we all got a medal. everyone. I did not come second 😉

Here’s my thoughts on the matter 😉 Press play and take a listen

Gimme Some (half marathon) Love People. And Thank You 😉 (mp3)

More than that I am asking for your help and in short I need €650.

What will Temple Street Childrens Hospital do with your money this year ? Marianne who works there explains:

Hi Peter,

Great to hear you’re on board again this year. Please see below what we are raising funds for this year.

Our aim for 2012 will concentrate on fundraising for two ICU Specification Patient Monitoring Units. The Intensive Care Department at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital needs additional Pandemic ICU Specification Patient Monitoring Units. In the event of a Pandemic or surge in activity these pieces of equipment are vital as they enable us to monitor patients on a close and regular basis, whilst the child fights their infection.

I’ve set up a My Charity Page  were you can donate securly online and any amount is appreciated however if you are feeling a bit groovy you might also consider a slightly larger wad of cash. If you do and [understandably so] wanna little more bang for your buck ? No problemo. Wanna chat ? I’m open to any suggestion and my details are below.

temple street 2012 half marathon

Contact Peter Donegan

Further info:

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The Temple Street Half Marathon and Thank You!

I thought about this one and I’ve decided I will do a seperate post on the island of Inis Mór.

For now this one is for Temple Street and why I as one of so many others decided to run a half marathon.

Dave Kelleher one of the organisers explains how it all started.


Nick McGivney explains just what your money will be used for this year.


So I’m a bit stiff today. I think I may need to bath in WD40. I ran most of the race and managed to cross the line. The latter being the most important. The craic was 90 which won’t help me cope with the aches this coming week at all 😉 The big picture however is something far greater than me and my tendons.

The object of the game was to raise some dosh and in that maybe make someone else’s job here a bit easier. And we, well… more you, did that. You chucked in your fivers and tenners and more. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

What was said off air by Dave was that when the first and equally the very last last person crosses the finish line, the exact same medal and applause is and was given to each. I like that. I like you for being the reason that i did that. Pat yourselves on the back. You did good. 😀

If you’d like to find out more about the half marathon and or Temple Street Childrens Hospital these links may help

Other than that just pick up the phone and ask for Angi McNulty in Temple Street. Anthing I may have left out just hollar. Thanks all. 🙂

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Temple Street. Half Marathon. April 8-10. Gimme €650. Thank You. Please. I like You.

UPDATE 13th feb: The €650 minimum target was raised in just under 24 hours after this post was published. Speechless 😀

Thank you so much to: anonymous & Julie Benson & Simon Kenny & Jenny Long & anonymous & Mary & from James Keleher & Niamh Hayes & anonymous & Jason Roe & Sarah Keleher & Anthony McGuinness & George Foxe & Yvonne Delaney & Anonymous & Amy Ní Lúin & Nicola Nestor & Eoin Delaney & Anonymous & Josie and V Delaney.

The following text is the original post:

Yesterday after a call with Nick McGivney, I decided I should register for The temple Street Annual Aer Arann Half Marathon.

I got the details via email today and rang Angela to put my name down. There’s very recent and great reason why Temple Street is so close to my heart, but in short and for the moment this is a gig I am now doing.

More than that I am asking for your help and in short I need €650.

I’ve set up a My Charity page were you can donate securly online and any amount is appreciated however if you are feeling a bit groovy you might also consider a slightly larger wad of cash. And what if we raise a little more… well isn’t that great.

What can I offer you in return….?

  • A blog post profiling your company.
  • Sponsorship of Irelands only garden podcast – the sodcast for one month
  • Audio interview within the podcast
  • Sponsorship of every blog post I write for the month
  • This comes with all the usual linkage
  • Your logo/ image embedded within and note of sponsorship for the event
  • The usual splattering all over facebook, twitter and
  • and a signed photograph of me in a pair of shorts. Framed 😉
  • See if you can come up with a vetter list than that and I’ll buy you a pint !

This email from Temple Street tells just what the event is about and what exactly the spondulas will achieve. My details if you wish to contact me are below this letter.

04 February 2011

Dear Friend

I am delighted to inform you that the Annual Aer Arann Half Marathon will take place between the 8th- 10th April, 2011.  Again, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital is the main beneficiary.

Celebrating its 11th year, this unique event has been an outstanding success; and we expect 2011 to be no exception.  Entries will be strictly on a first-come first-served basis so, as a regular participant, we would like to offer you first option of securing your place in 2011.

You will recall that we set ourselves a goal last year to purchase vital pieces of equipment for the Neurosurgery department, namely a Mayfield head clamp (This is a specialised holder to stabilise the patients head during surgery on the brain) and a Neurosurgical microscope with a combined cost of €120,000.   We are delighted to announce that the Aer Arann Half Marathon 2010 raised €65,000 towards this fundraising goal.  Taking this into consideration, we have decided to continue to strive to achieve this target in 2011 and look forward to purchasing these items for the hospital early next year.

This year we have decided to set a minimum fundraising target of €650 per participant. This must be achieved no later than 18th March 2011, with an initial non-refundable deposit of €200 to be submitted.  (The deposit of €200 will form part of the overall €650).  We would like to stress that only a completed entry form, together with your deposit, will secure your place.  (Entry forms received without deposits will not secure a place; Temple Street Children’s University Hospital provides a Credit Card facility should you wish to avail of this).

Once this target is achieved, return flights from Connemara Airport, Inverin to Inis Mor, your accommodation and food are covered for the weekend.  Please remember that administration support i.e. sponsor cards, letters, T-shirts, posters etc is available to anyone who may need help with fundraising.  Please contact Angi on 01-8784344 or email at

This will be a fantastic weekend – and I look forward to your participation in this event again next year.  Thank you again for all of your support over the years, we look forward to seeing you on Aran in April 2011.

Yours sincerely,

Marie Mulrooney/ ​Angela McNulty

Fundraising Committee.​Special Events Manager – TSCUH

Contact Peter Donegan