Garden Talks: Greensax Compost For Schools

greensax, compost for schools

It was towards the end of the schools calender that I did a series of composting garden talks with some of Dublin’s Primary Schools in association with

Lasting 20 – 25 minutes I explained what happens to our green waste after the wheelie bin is taken away and how en mass, what happens in a normal compost heap is replicated. On a side note, the images of the maggots and the worms always got a yukky but brilliant reaction from the younger generation and some of the teachers.

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The @SodShow meets Trevor Sargent

Dublin’s Only Garden Radio Show. The SodShow – with Peter Donegan & Brian Greene – Every Friday 3pm.

On This Weeks Garden Radio:

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The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

This weeks guest is Trevor Sargent. The first ever leader of The Green Party, Co-founder of Sonairte Ecology Centre, Former Minister for Food and The Environment and now Author of Trevor’s Kitchen Garden. Breath….. He is also a member of Amnesty International, the Dublin Food Co-op, the Irish Organic Farmers’ and Growers’ Association and The Organic Trust…. to name but a few 😉

Trevor will also be The Garden Groups guide when we visit Sonairte, Sunday July 29th.

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The SodShow Extra – Gardeners Guide For July

Dublin’s Only Garden Radio Show. The SodShow – with Peter Donegan & Brian Greene – Every Friday 3pm.

On This Weeks Garden Radio:

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

the sodshow and greensax green sax

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Greensax now Sponsors The SodShow now sponsors The SodShow. Dublin’s only garden radio show… & podcast.

Press Release:

It’s in the bag! GreenSax now sponsors The SodShow on Dublin City fm

The SodShow, presented by award winning landscape gardener Peter Donegan and expert technician and award winning podcaster Brian Greene, who doubles as the hapless gardening enthusiast is now sponsored by GreenSax, the compostable range of bags and liners.

Airing every Friday on Dublin City FM the shows aim is to open the world of gardening to the newest gardening enthusiast to those with the greenest of fingers.

One of the most popular podcast shows The SodShow regularly beats off international competition claiming the No.1 spot in the Outdoor category on iTunes as well as beating gardening shows on BBC Radio4, BBC Ulster and Sky Sports Supplement podcasts! Sponsorship for this special interest radio show is a huge boost for Dublin CityFM and The SodShow. Presenters are voluntary, sharing their interest and passion in their subject across the airwaves without the support that goes with a commercial station. The GreenSax sponsorship reflects the growth in numbers following The SodShow live and on podcast and will allow the presenters explore further possibilities with the added leverage of funding.

“It was important to find the right partner, The SodShow is important to Dublin CityFM as well as to myself and Brian we didn’t wish to work with a company or brand that was outside the shows values. GreenSax is the right mix, it is run by two Irish brothers, who are passionate about the environment, have an interest in all things natural and like Brian are gardening enthusiasts. From our (The SodShow) view point the fact that we were approached by GreenSax provides a small amount of affirmation that what we are trying to achieve is being achieved. We are a specialist programme, rising up the charts. In competition with our UK neighbours we appear to be wining and support from companies and brands like GreenSax can help continue this rise. Naturally it is also important for special interest radio of which we are proud to belong”

said Peter Donegan, The SodShow Presenter.

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Greensax Compostable Bin Liners

I got a bag full [see what I did there 😉 ] of the Greensax range in the post this week.

first, two things of note:

  • They’re an Irish engineered and developed product on the go since 1992
  • The greensax bags break down in composting within 10-14 days

This is why it gets a post here on my blog, all to itself. I love it. Love it, love it, love it!

They do all of the sizes from the 13 litre wee kitchen compost bin all the way to the large 240 litre brown wheelie bin – and they fit – which means you can throw your veg peelings, still in the bag straight on the compost heap. Now that’s logic.

More information over on