9 useful… gifts for a gardener this christmas


Most of my articles are questions that are asked and where it has been asked more than once, assuming it can be of benefit to others I put it here. For any garden enthusiast you might know here are my suggestions that ARE 1000% better than socks and a CD.

If you prefer cooked turkey and a kiss under the mistletoe over a good scrap with the mother in law and some frozen sprouts..? Here’s my thinking cap – put it on this year for God’s sake… and your sake and my sake?!!

  1. The maximum & minimum thermometer. The left column tells you the lowest temperature, the right the highest. The benefits for those in horticulture are excellent. We don’t always understand why a plant looks a little down or too early this season a bit perky – this is usually part of the answer.
  2. The chemical store. Not so much to encouarge chemical use but – in every trade there are products that children shouldn’t put up their nose or drink. This also has a sump tray which doesn’t allow chemical spill and a good strong lock. For the gardener it’s usually the top shelf in a coke bottle!! Not a great photo but a super gift for anyone with a knapsack sprayer.
  3. If he still cuts the hedge with the electric trimmers, the extension lead goes through the kitchen window while you freeze your ass off and he can’t hear you shouting…? Just make sure and get a double socket. On the right is a tap! Like the electric cable, through the window soaking the floor and you can bath the kids after in the puddles in the kitchen. Go on splash out…. [hmmm]
  4. Compost bins are great because they are modular. You can buy to suit your budget and/ or simply add on as required to suit your lifestyle. Another article is probably required here but composting in the noughties is a definite must for any garden or garden enthusiast.
  5. For the techie gadget man this is brilliant. A miniature solar panel that allows any contraption with a car adaptor to be recharged…. for free.
  6. A great gardening book is always a great gift. When the elements are against you but you want to be outside, for a little, take your brandy coffee down to the potting shed and reinvigorate your imagination for the season to come.
  7. Trees…. Every garden should have at least one. If chosen correctly they are about as maintenance free as you will ever get. Unlike socks you cant lose one of these, they don’t get holes in them and it should last you a lifetime.
  8. The bird feeder is another easy one, but absolutely brilliant. Don’t forget to buy some seeds to go with… ah yes Grannny look what the kids got you this year something you can actually use.
  9. And finally….. Picking out womenms clothes was never your forté 😉 how about a tidy up, makeover or a new addition to the garden. Pull up the kitchen blinds on Christmas morning and be proud for thinking of something that Mary really wanted.

Beannachtaí na Nollaig agus na hAthbhliana


no rubber – soul [m’anam gan rubar]

no-rubber-soul-car-garden-peter-donegan-garden design no-rubber-soul-car-garden-peter-donegan landscaping ltd no-rubber-soul-car-garden-peter-donegan silver medal

no-rubber-soul-car-garden-peter-donegan-show garden no-rubber-soul-car-garden-bloom in the park peer-donegan-morris minor car garden

no-rubber-soul-award-garden peter donegan no rubber soul no-rubber-soul-car-garden-peter-donegan

Peter Donegans garden design ‘No Rubber- Soul’ won silver in the large garden category in the inaugural year of Bloom in the Phoenix Park Friday 1st June 2007. During the 20 day deadline over 1,500 plants; 50 square metres of rolled lawn; 4 tonne of recycled compost; 5 tonnes of recycled bark chippings; 6 tonnes of recycled tree stumps one 1965 morris minor and an outdoor flat screen television.

Despite the rainfall over the bank holiday weekend over 50,000 people still flocked to see the unsponsored garden. No decking, no paving, no additives or preservatives…. Imagine sitting within two thirds of a 1965 Morris Minor, watching the television, smokes plumes through the front grill of your car and you sit back and watch nature and plant life grow around you. This is the garden that has no rubber but lots of soul. Built from 100% recycled and/ or recyclable products. Take a trip back to 1965 when men used shovels and gardens had soul.

Built to commemorate the many Irish men with initially, great intentions who promise to restore and rebuild projects but sometimes are never fully completed; it has been slightly adapted to via audio visual equipment to become an entertainment area of sorts and it should give the appearance that whilst unwillingly forgotten, the life of the garden continued to flourish around it.

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