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A call came in on Sunday evening [27th march] from Anton Mannering.

…you see basically Peter I’ve set up a new newspaper

I’ve had some unusual phonecalls in my time, but this has to be up there with the best of them, well, as regards my response being…

I’m sorry Anton, I thought for a minute there you said you set up a newspaper…

I heard Anton right the first time. He proceeded….

It’s called The Tribesman. It’s for Galway South…. and I was thinking you’d write about gardens for us….

As I looked through my kitchen window I could see my two fried eggs on the pan, change from dunkable to tanned, the ever energetic Anton going at a million miles an hour most likely fixing the tilt on his cap in the mirror over and over like a sort of Forrest Gump at the speed of light in constant running mode. And as I realised the extent of damage to my now charcoal textured eggs I found my self submerged in a one sided conversation, slowly, realising what Anton had actually achieved.

He has an office. He’s looking for more staff. He has created jobs. The first edition is out, already, this week….

We go to print on, well Tuesday… yeah Pete, like the day after tomorrow… so I was thinking about 1,000 words… listen I gotta go…. and don’t forget a nice picture of yourself…

Bam! He’s gone. Not a question mark in sight….

Congratulations to all at The Tribesman and to all in Galway County. As Anton says, it is your news and your paper. If nothing else, send them an email saying well done. 😉

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