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Garden Group Tour at Rathbeggan Lakes

donegan garden group - rathbeggan lakes (18)

Sunday 5th February saw year 3 kick off for Peter Donegan’s Garden Group with our first garden tour outing of 2012.

The #SodShow meets Rathbeggan Lakes. Dublin’s Only Garden Radio Show (mp3)

The destination was Rathbeggan Lakes, Dunshaughlin in County Meath.

Rathbeggan Lakes and Dave Robinson will be was the guests on this weeks SodShow – Dublin’s only Garden Radio Show. February 10th 2012

Head Honcho, Dave Robinson and his team were nothing but absolutely brilliant, inspirational and genuine lovely people and from the bottom of my heart a huge thank you to all who made the day great for us. To those who came along on the day, you are all very simply lovely people.

Fact: Did you know the compostable toilet at Rathbeggan Lakes [photgraphed below] was officially opened by Mary Robinson ?

For the great outdoors enthusiast, the gardener or the horticulturist no matter the age or level of experience Rathbeggan has something for everyone. I’m looking forward to this Friday’s garden radio show already 😉

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Garden Group Tour: Rathbeggan Lakes – Sun 5th Feb 2012

garden group donegan

  • Date: Sunday 5th February 2012
  • Time: 11.30 am on location.
  • Details: Dave Robinson, Manager/ Owner of Rathbeggan Lakes will be our personal guide for this wonderful day out and the first official gig of 2012.
  • Numbers: limited to 18

Garden Group Tour To @RathbegganLakes Sun Feb 5th (mp3)

New To The Garden Group ?

There’s no membership. It’s very simply people who like the great outdoors with a side order of horticulture, should you ask the question. There’s no membership and I try to keep it as free as possible. This usually comes by people likle Dave donating me and you their time and venue.

What else have we done – see Catgeory Garden Group

What’s at Rathbeggan Lakes

Dave tells me – they have 85 allotments, a viewing tower, a new geometric garden, a two year old orchard and new mini woodland walk! And that’s without going near the lakes themselves. We also have a small coffee shop on site.

Please Note:

  • There will be no charge for the tour of the gardens – but – and only on this occasion you can make a donation to Temple Street childrens Hospital should you wish.
  • Children, kids, Grandads and families are more than welcome. Very much a case of the more the merrier so long as you say hello, goodbye and thank you.
  • I do this garden group for free. This is year 3. The best thing you can do to help is come along – the day you don’t is the day I scratch my head – also: Garden Group for 2012.

Garden Group-ees Note:

  • Booking: via comment – here only. Its a very easy numbers count.
  • Contact me: see below. not a problem ;)
  • Other: My suggestion is car pooling from Dublin City or Swords meeting point. Most of you know each other. If you are stuck and wanna go just leave a comment noting that – it will be easily solved. 
  • Dress Code: this is Ireland. See weather.
  • Duration: 1.75 hours or longer if you are enjoying yourself
  • Weather: the weather…. your guess is as good as mine.
  • Lunch: I had suggested bringing a picnic. That’s what I will be doing anyway. All things going good it’ll be a flask of coffee and some nice sambos!
  • Anything else: leave a comment below or gimme a call. 
  • Directions: Rathbeggan Lakes, Dunshaughlin, County Meath – on the old N3 now called the R147 and are easily found by taking Junction 6 on the M50 and then leaving the M3 at exit 5. See what you think. Dave Robinson
  •  – or – see Google Maps
  • More info: Rathbeggan Lakes Facebook or

Contact Me:

Ireland Garden Group

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Garden Tour: Hedgerow Walk – This Sun, Jan 29th

hedgerow walk

Amongst the many varying brilliant things that The Ballyboughal Hedgerow is one thing you can take for absolute granted is that it is a brilliant day out for any age or group of people.

That aside there is always some form of a theme to them. The first walk of 2012 is themed

5 x 500 Year Old Bridges In One Day

Hedgerow Society walking 29th January (mp3)

We won’t being spending 376 hours looking at Bridges and hedges just in case you are thinking that… It’s a walk. It’s the craic, the banter and on your merry way – you might ask:

Wooo00oot the flippin jaaaaaysus is that over dere, Luv ?

hedgerow walk dublin That’s were chatting to Anne Lynch or Peter Donegan maybe comes in. Or not. Whichever suits you the dandiest.

Who, What, Where When, you’re now asking ?

  • Date: This Sunday 29th Jan 2011
  • Time: 2pm – or – 2 ‘o clock whichever you prefer
  • Meet: O’Connors Pub, Ballyboughal
  • Cost: make a small donation if you feel like it – if not, no sweat brother. It’s heading the way of Temple Street Childrens Hospital fyi 😉

More info or any help you may need – simply contact:

  • Peter Donegan on 0876594688
  • or Anne Lynch on 0863638487
  • or email

Links and info that may help:

NB: this is not a [Peter Donegan] garden group outing outing [official], yet it is. That’ll be announced later this week and takes place Sun 5th Feb

hedgerow walk

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Welcome The Garden Group for 2012

peter donegan, garden group

It’s August 2009 and a plethora of lovely people respond to the following question

Would you Join a Garden Group ?

Welcome The Garden Group for 2012 (mp3)

Since then we have visited The War Memorial Gardens, Ireland Eye, The Battle of The Boyne site and even gone hedgerow walking with approx 200 mainly non gardeners in 2 years. All with huge thanks to you for coming along and equally to those who offered me sites, gardens and their time so for the group to visit.

At the time I also noted the characteristics I felt you needed:

  • an ability to smile
  • a likening for the colour green in any shape or form

Now it’s 2012. And I need your suggestions as a garden group go-er or the suggest-er/ owner/ know-er of a place were where it would be good for us to visit.

Answers on a postcard or leave a comment below ? 🙂

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Battle of The Boyne Site Visit & The Garden Group

To those attending there is of course the original garden group guide post to this trip to the battle of the boyne site.

A note of thanks and deserved applause to Nick Reilly and Aisling Mc Mahon [OPW]  and also to you who decided to make this your Sunday day out.

Really looking forward to this. 🙂

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