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sodshow, garden podcast

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

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Making Contact:

for now I’ll keep it as simple as before

What Happened The SodCast ?

It seems the Sodcast has evolved. Grown Up. I hope not [?], in one sense. Maybe found pastures new… Whatever the cliché you choose, from tomorrow…

The Sodcast has now become The Sodshow and will air on 103.2 Dublin City Fm every Friday from 3pm

Will Anything change ?

I’ll also be sharing the audio with a very un-green but ironically named gentleman called Brian Greene [you couldn’t make it up if you tried ….?!! ] After that, not really… the blog post and audio will still appear here – it’s just you can now listen live and there’ll be a bit more time for talking.

Brian also did a new radio jingle for us… and of course the genius that is Luke Donegan [no relation – and no that is not another joke….] made a few changes to the logo 😉

A little About Brian ?

Brian is a Podcasting, Blogging & Social Media Consultant. He works with He is tech mad, but his passion is for radio, all types of radio including podcasting and digital radio. When not in front of the PC (which is rare) Brian is always busy protesting about something or other. More than that Brian is a sound man.

After that I suppose just keep us posted with your thoughts good or bad. The compliments will let us know were the show is doing well and equally the criticism will help us make the show better and improve.

The Sodcast – The Merchandise

sodshow, garden podcast

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

Listen to Irelands first and only garden podcast The Sodcast in iTunes.

Visit The Sodcast Shop

Last week, after giving some garden advice on a previous Sodcast a coffee mug came in the post with some badges, all logo’d up. A note of thanks was attached. It was from John Keyes. Of course I put up a post on the blog to say to say thanks to John.

What happened then was two comments came in on the blog along with a minor plethora of emails, texts and calls wondering if I had anymore Sodcast coffee mugs. Of course I didn’t. Under mild duress, I rang John and asked him his thoughts.

I’ve never sold merchandise before. It wasn’t the intention when I started this garden podcast. I don’t personally think I’m gonna make a gizillion dollars on Sodcast coffee mug sales commission. That said, I’d like to think it’s more than just me that drinks from my sodcast mug when I record the podcast…. or in your case, while you’re listening to the podcast 😉

Anyhow…. for now I’ve only put up the products you see here. Why these products ? Well, I thought the clock looked nice, I’d like a matching mug and I think that the t-shirt is cool. They’re simply what I’ll buy myself for myself, for now. Visit The Sodcast Shop

I know the shop is UK based, but I don’t know any Irish company that provides a similar service. [?] That said The Podcast, the costs and equipment are all paid for out of my own pocket – for which I am as always more than happy to do – I guess the answer is if you’d like a Sodcast coffee mug – you can buy one should you wish to do so. Personally, I’d like to keep a list of all those who own a mug, sounds a bit silly maybe… but sure there ye go 😉

The Sodcast – Episode 5

sodshow, garden podcast

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

Listen to The Sodcast in MP3 – or – as always you can subscribe or/ and listen to the podcast via iTunes.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the blog and listen to them right here. Missed Episode 4 of the garden podcast ?

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thanks for listening…. 😀


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My pink boat @ Electric Picnic – still makes weep inside a little… Those who remember know why and know who you are 😉 Thank you.