Landscaping: Decorative Stone Choices

I’ve generally found that choosing decorative stone in Ireland is a little like choosing paint colours except the decison is a lot simpler by way of less choice and variance. One can call it Magnolia, the other might call it Riviera or Natural Cream – but in the what is readily available pebble range, simplified, it’s a little bit more like deciding between peas or beans, if you get my drift.

I will add that this is not all of the types of pebble available for Irish gardens, just a range of. I should also note that the pebble images below were taken when they were dry. This matters to an extent as I find they tend to get a little covered in their own dust and brighten up that bit better when they get a litte bit of a washdown.

In the above image the pebble I chose was the 15mm beach pebble and the pebble size chosen was based on the length and width of the bed it was being used on ~ think smaller tiles in a small bathroom if you will. The colour or type of stone chosen was very much to do with the fact that the plants and water feature not at all of the street planting and guaranteed to grow range. In that context and it being a front garden, higher class speaks for itself and sometimes, you quite simply don’t need to highlight that fact.