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Will Knott asks:

Dear Peter,
I have pumpkins. Two small (put one fist in the other sized) “live” pumpkins that were decorations for haloween. If I want the seeds inside to grow, what should I do. At the moment they are sitting in the front garden, frozen. Will they rot down and plant themselves, or do I need to break them open?
Love the podcast

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Nice way to end the podcast. Thanks Niall, enjoyed that 😀

Garden Maintenance

I have been maintaining gardens since before I was a teenager and after 10 years in business garden maintenance is still one of the services that I pride myself on. In 2007 I won the overall ALCI award for garden maintenance – in this case it was a private garden.

I provide both commercial and domestic garden maintenance outside of and including Dublin.

I find that it is the preparation prior to any gardening works taking place that ensures the relationship between you and I works best and also guarantees the best results from your budget and the time I spend with your space outdoors.

Garden Maintenance can be done by way of the following:

  • a one off garden visit
  • regular scheduled garden visits

Within a one off visit you may simply require a good honest tidy over of your space  to give it a lift for the upcoming season or you may simply require a more manicured approach to an existing outdoors to get it back to its finest appearance once again. Others simply require a helping hand to get the garden back on its rightful course where it has been let go for some time.

Services for regularly scheduled and one off visits also include:

  • additional planting to suit the season or for additional colour
  • mulching of beds and play areas
  • fertilising programme for trees, shrubs or lawns
  • grass cutting of open areas or small spaces
  • hedge cutting and shrub pruning
  • tree services
  • weed control in lawns or through existing planting and borders

Whilst some wish to complete the garden maintenance tasks themselves one can also get that little added direction and consultation. In this regard, garden maintenance schedules, checks and calenders can be put in place to suit your specific space in the great outdoors if required.

If you would like to talk with me about garden or grounds maintenance you can as always contact me via the following options.

  • by email
  • via this website: click the contact page
  • call mobile – o876594688

My qualifications:

  • Certificate in Commercial Horticulture (1996)
  • General Examination in Horticulture – Royal Horticultural Society (1997)
  • Advanced Diploma in Commercial Horticulture (1998)

A Struggling Tree…?

In a garden recently, this tree caught my attention. It looks fine..? It isn’t really… somewhere in the middle of all those bare leafed branches a problem exists.

The suckers were coming up from the base, being that it’s a grafted tree and they were really starting to compete with the tree.

Outside of that when they and the weeds were removed, something else was discovered… uncovered?

Of the two main leaders [tallest stems] one was bulging below and above and old tree strap, growing around it and it growing into it – and the tree stake was also embedded…. surgery was required.

With an extremely sharp, petite pruning saw I set to work, gently…

small tree damage repairing tree

tree damage tree damage

very gently….

tree damage tree damage

The tree will be fine as a by the way. The general rule in gardening is always that prevention is better than cure. With that in mind, a quick walk around the garden, a little inspection with a shake and a rattle so to speak usually does the job.

If a little amputation is required… remember the ‘measure twice cut once rule’ – you can’t sellotape the branches back on  ie. once they are removed – they are removed. After that if you must, I generally like to give the tree a little spoon of [their] sugar in the form of tree fertiliser to soften the blow.

removing ivy…

cut here...This is another easy task that can [should!] be done in the garden. It also doesn’t require that much energy and is actually quite enjoyable!

It is considered generally impossible to remove ivy from trees. The only way, it seems, to do so when it is as mature as in this photograph is to cut it and [i prefer to..] remove a section. It doesn’t matter where as it will [again depending on the landscape] grow back.

The Ivy suckers into the bark of the tree and uses it to surge upwards to compete for light. Not a problem so far, but it can overcome the tree entirely to the point that the growth suffers and possibly to a point of necrosis.

Do be careful if the branches of the ivy are quite strong and when cutting not to damage the bark of the tree too much.

Now all you do is sit back and watch it die off… for a while!