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Bloom 2007 – ‘No Rubber Soul’

The Morris Minor Car-den story can be read here. My reason for publishing this… I/ we need a sponsor! If you think you can help or know anyone who can – please do not hesitate to contact me.

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17th May RTE ‘Capital D’
To view documentary – see below
7 minute documentary on Peter Donegan and his design ‘No Rubber Soul’, for Bloom 2007

29th May/1st June TV3 ‘Ireland AM’
Full coverage of ‘No Rubber Soul’ and interviews with Peter Donegan over 3 days before the opening of Bloom.

29th May/1st June TV3 ‘News’
Full coverage of ‘No Rubber Soul’ and interviews with Peter Donegan over 3 days before the opening of Bloom.

Australian Television – Garden Gurus
The Gurus Explore Ireland – CD enclosed Broadcast after Bloom

14th March Fingal Independent
1/3 page article titled ‘Peter set to compete for top garden prize’ and photo.  Mentioning the preparation for Bloom, winning an ALCI Award for a 55 acre garden and the Bord Bia Quality programme Award.

21st March Fingal Independent
½ page article titled ‘Hopes high for bloomin’ great garden show result’ and photo of Peter Donegan, RTE’s Gerry Daly, top designers Paul Martin and Elma Fenton and TV gardener Eugene Higgins.

16th May Fingal Independent
1/3 page article titled ‘Peter has area in bloom’ and photo of Peter Donegan
Mentioning his appearance on RTE’s Capital D, containing full coverage of preparations for Bloom 2007.

26th May The Farmers Journal
Article on Bloom featuring photo of Angela Kennedy, Chairperson, Bord Bia and Gary Graham, Bloom Project Manager, Bord Bia in the ‘No Rubber Soul’ Garden.  Also featuring a mention of Peter Donegan’s exhibit not to be missed on the back page.

30th May The Irish Times
½ page article titled ‘Garden show aims to become an Irish Chelsea’ featured on Page 3 mentioning No Rubber Soul and picture of Peter within the garden.

31st May The Irish Examiner
½ page photo titled ‘Bloomin’ good show’ on back page, of Peter Donegan  under the bonnet of the Morris Minor.

31st May The Irish Examiner – Farming section
½ page article titled ‘Gardeners can showcase at home’ mentioning No Rubber Soul and featuring photo of Angela Kennedy, Chairperson, Bord Bia and Gary Graham, Bloom Project Manager, Bord Bia in the ‘No Rubber Soul’ Garden.

31st May The Evening Herald
¼ page article titled ‘Bloomin’ Marvellous’ mentioning Morris Minor and photo of Angela Kennedy, Chairperson, Bord Bia and Gary Graham, Bloom Project Manager, Bord Bia in the ‘No Rubber Soul’ Garden

31st May The Irish Daily Mail
Full page article titled ‘A graffiti-covered wall, an old car – if this is our answer to Chelsea Flower Show, can we have the question again?’ on Bloom featuring interview with Peter Donegan and photo of Peter adding the last few finishing touches to ‘No Rubber Soul’.

7th June Lá Nua
½ page article titled ‘An Earnáil Ghnó – Fógraíocht’ mentioning that on the opening day of Bloom, 1st June, Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd also received an Award from Foras na Gaeilge joining Barr 50, the top 50 companies to operate through the Irish language.  Also featuring 2 photos of the garden.

13th June Fingal Independent
1/3 page article titled ‘Peter’s Morris is a major success’ including photo.  Mentioning receiving a silver medal in the large garden category and joining Barr 50.

18th August Farmers Journal
½ page article titled ‘Minor to Major via Sergeant’ featuring interview with Peter and mentioning the Award winning garden in Bloom, winning an ALCI Award for a 55 acre garden and two photos of ‘No Rubber Soul’.

24th May-June 14th    Property Gallery- Issue No. 5
2 page article title ‘The art of landscape’ on ‘No Rubber Soul’ including 13 photos and biography of Peter Donegan.

May Issue Moving In
Paragraph mentioning Peter Donegan and details of his design ‘No Rubber Soul’

June/July Issue Irish Homes
Paragraph mentioning Peter Donegan and details of his design ‘No Rubber Soul’


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…and of course there was this

the amazing skerries mills


I thought this would be a boring day out. The ones you got ‘dragged’ out on when you were a nipper. I also thought, at first, the €6.50 tour charge was a bit steep, I was [very] pleasantly surprised.

This, had to be, one of the best ‘tours’ I’ve ever been on. Skerries Mills is simply amazing -and it’s a lot more than just a tour. And before you ask, I wasn’t given VIP tickets to visit!


I went with ‘herself’ for a bite to eat in the coffee shop and after some good filling home cooking, we took the tour. Paddy our guide has been involved in literally every stage of the renovation of the mills, going back ten years-ish now, into what it is today and he knows everything. Add to that a good sense of humour and one finds that it is the people that make a place.

From how the 55 acres surrounding the mills came into the councils hands, how spontaneous combustion evolved from static and flour and why the life expectancy for those [lucky enough to get a job there?] was only 40 years of age… is amongst the many facts that make the journey extremely enjoyable. Outside of that ‘The Mills’ are self sufficent, financially. That is, they have to break even. And they do, now.

€6.50! In my day we could have bought the entire mills for that and still had change for a loaf of bread…..

That aside, my other interest was/ is that we ‘are’ going back to the days of water conservation, wind power and home-made; gave me an insight into how ‘not so far away’ we are from those days of old returning.

As I said €6.50 each; todays made home made scones [i asked] and a pot of tea – it is, I thought at first, a bit my Dad’s kind of thing [at least I felt like him for a little…] but it was worth every cent!

Would I return – if only just for the warm scones!

pink boats & the rick o shea

pink boat & the rick o'shea show

I will be forever & eternally greatful to Rick and his team for all they did for me & completing the pink boats journey. At the time, I did promise to publish a [massively] reduced top 10 list of those who offered to take the boat.

As you all know by now the boat is now part of the art trail in Electric Picnic.

… I tell you boys it’s harder than it looks but it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll

In the meantime I thank you all again, from my heart, but the deal was always the most fitting home and I feel it has found it. This post explains it best [click here]. For the moment I leave you with the top 10. Slán, beannacht agus arís go raibh míle maith agaibh.

1]Electric Picnic:
2] Interested to buy boat. Ann Marie
3]Texter says her brother would love the boat for his garden at the foot of the Slieve Bloom mountains
4]Texter says he’s interested in the boat to put on display in Arklow town.
5]Sister getting married next month and would love boat for the reception which can be held in garden.
6]Gary has 23 acre farm. …who said he would restore it.
7]Mark interested in it as a rememberance boat for all who lost their lives off Hook Head.
8]Greg runs a Safari Park in Mullingar. Theres a lake with an island on it iand that’s where he’d place the boat.
9]Mickey from Cahir wants boat
10]Lochlain would give boat good home on the Riverbank Restaurant and pub in Co.Monaghan

pink! giving berth at bloom 2008 [7]

Award winning landscape architect, Peter Donegan, is at it again. This year his show garden ‘Pour L‘amour de Jeux’ (For a love of the game) in Bloom 2008 will feature a 1957, 11 metre, pink, three storey pleasure cruise boat!

Building on the success of No Rubber Soul his award winning large show garden in Bloom 2007 where he featured a 1965 Morris Minor, split in two, no less, Peter decided to go bigger and brighter for Bloom 2008 and prove that dreams do really come true and if you put your mind to it you can do anything.

Peter’s mind will certainly need to be focused on the morning of May 8th as the pink, 3 storey, 11 metre long, 3.5 metre high pleasure cruise boat sets sail from Ballyboughal onto the M1, M50 and into the Phoenix Park where it will be berthed for the duration of Bloom 2008.

Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd was set up just eight years ago and in October 2007 Peter was presented with two national awards by the ALCI (Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland) and most recently received the National Amenity Quality Award in recognition of standards achieved under the Bord Bia Landscape Quality Programme.

Photo Opportunity

Event: Bright Pink, 11 metre pleasure cruise ship prepares to berth in bloom 2008
Route: Ballyboughal, M1, M50, Castleknock Gate, Phoenix Park
Date: 8th May 2008
UPDATE: TIME: 4am – 6pm [no later due to traffic/ OPW] departure and arrival

Photo Opportunity

A 1957, 11 metre long, bright pink, pleasure cruiser shall sail down the M1 and M50 on May 8th heading for its berth place at Bloom 2008 in the Phoenix Park. The imaginative, award winning, landscape architect, Peter Donegan has designed a large show garden including the boat for this year’s event entitled ‘Pour L’amour de Jeux’ (For the Love of the Game).

The three storey, pink, 11 metre long, 6 metre high pleasure boat will cruise from Ballyboughal, onto the M1, M50, Castleknock entrance into the Phoenix Park where it shall take up residence until the end of Bloom 2008.

Peter’s large show garden in Bloom 2007, ‘No Rubber Soul’ received a Silver Medal and featured a 1965 Morris Minor.

Contact Peter on 01 8078712

bloom 2008 [3] – sow far sow great …



…. the paint colour has been selected for our main feature for Bloom 2008 and thank must go to D.B. Painters [David Behan Painting & Decorating 0872551928 – pictured above], for looking after this. Whilst Nicola is still on board to hand paint the boats name, the mammoth task of giving rebirth to ‘Mo Cailín Caitlín is now being looked after with the addition of another Fingal business. Thank you sow much!


That said – none of this is possible until the fine boat rebuilding skills of Noel O’Dwyer [pictured above with one of his many lengths of timber] are put into practice. Noel is no stranger to garden shows having previously worked on No Rubber Soul last year in Bloom 2007 where his meticulous carpentry skills were so much appreciated. Go raibh míle maith agat Noelie!

Now that the boat is in good hands – its off to Tully Nurseries to inspect plants, meet with the Atfar Construction civil engineers, find a main sponsor, check the sculpt……. This year the team is just getting bigger and better. Thank you all.

At least there will be buds on the trees this week…. ?!!
Talk soon and wish me luck!