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Real [Irish] Flowers For Coffee Shops, Please ?

This is what happened me today…..

Real Flowers for Coffee Shops, Please ? (mp3)

I pondered it over the day and after asking the following on twitter….

real flowers for coffee shops

Which in short is explained in the following text

What is the opposite of plastic flowers on a table in a coffee shop ?

As my brain continued to ramble I wondered, if there were a most beautiful landscaped coffee shop ? Or for those who continually do what some may consider the simplicities, why didn’t they save themselves the money, time, bother, the cost and everything else that goes with it ?

What if you knew someone with that shop, that made that little effort and they might come on the radio show and maybe tell us why ? A good, nice all round not your usual happy news story that just might encourage others to up the ante and make me and others want to revisit your homely shop that little bit more often ?

Negative into a positive and all that jazz.  I’ll do a blog post on you and then invite you on the radio show/ podcast for a chat.

It’s relation to landscaping ? Flowers. Plants. Ireland. Gardens. And making other people happy-er.

These are those flowers on the tables in Killians of the Naul…