The RHS, Garden Magazine – Jardin de la Paix, France

October 2018, the latest edition of The RHS, Royal Horticultural Society’s The Garden Magazine featured a lovely mention of the garden designers of The British Isles selected to represent, design and realise garden in the Somme Region of Northern France to mark the centenary of the end of WW1.   Read more

Gardens: Les Jardins du Val Cocheral, Chateau de Dinan, France

I visited here some time ago now and literally just stumbled across the information I had set to one side.

If I’m honest, I had found it particularly difficult to find out any information on the gardens of Chateau de Dinan. That, I have found is usually the norm and the building (in this case I appreciate it is a castle) tends to take precedence.

But here, as building a park as for what the people (rather than the building) preferred stood out to me. And to it’s credit as I spent some there there it was full and used for the greater.

I’ll get back to noting the gardens I make as Donegan Landscaping just as soon as I catch my breath.

According to wikipedia, Chateau de Dinan:

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Buy Irish…. Why?

This is a slightly odd one to write…. no reason in particular… You see I’ve listened for the last eon at politicians make the headlines wagging their fingers at the opposition, the tribunals and all the other crapola thats made the headlines regarding the economy. And I’ve had it up to my ears…. Not saying they dont know anything but in the context of boxing this element of the post aside…. [this answer courtesy gerard cunningham]

How many politicians have ever been self employed …?

I mean that in the context of  ‘not whilst they are a politician’ or prior to becoming one….? The alternate point I make is that when I went to inspirational Trim 2025 gig [read it and come back….] I heard Mr McWilliams speak that if you want something done in this country YOU do it. And without mis-quoting his words the point was not to be waiting for governments or anyone else for that matter to act. Simply put, just get on with the programme….

How many parents [or politicians] do that nowadays…. ?

But there is another side to this and with it comes the entire cross border/ shop as local as possible arguement. To this I have never done what one would call ‘cross border shopping’. As a child, my Dad, when he gave us our pocket money would incentivise the buying of Irish to the point that if we brought our 10 pence worth of sweets back with Irish wrappers we’d get half that amount back again until the money worth was of decimal value…

My theory is quite simple…. [courtesy]

The environmental consequences of all this are predictably daft. Never mind the landfill-clogging effect of all that plastic, water imports also clock up significant air miles. Ireland gets Perrier from France, while France, which also has a perfectly good supply, imports Ballygowan from Ireland.

I am more than aware that living in a smal village like Ballyboughal that if I buy local… and more of us do…. and someone gets a little overtime they may require a babysitter if they go for that drink together… the guy in the bar may get a little overtime and buy that extra something in the shop etc… and the babysitter might go to the pub for a drink…. now if [stick with me…] those products are Irish made then surely the knock on effect is a little more national rather than local…?

What have I really done to help….?

So if I am looking to get people to spend their extra cash on getting their gardens done …..go to your restaurant …purchase a new bicyle or whatever your employment may be…. surely one can only look in the mirror and ask what have I really done….? shouldn’t I try to buy more or only Irish ?



The example may well be that I only have so much money to spend etc… But as an example and very recently I was looking for furniture. 6 kitchen chairs to be exact. I called the guys I know in Ballymun Rediscovery Centre. With Ikea just across the road… and Ballymun literally just up the road from me… I paid €30 for the 6 fully restored, recycled and reupholstered chairs. The table, as a by the way, I got from my sister as – which a by the way she bought [where it was made] in Waterford. I doubt one can get better value than that…. yet people still assume and buy imported in some variation [?]

On a side note it is well documented that I borrowed the tools for my first job when I set out on my own 10 years ago this year, with no money in my pocket and a rented front bedroom. Also I have also never received a government grant in any format. I also don’t get paid [in any format] when it snows…. I do however work damn hard when it is possible. That said this isn’t particularly about me… it just may avoid that arguement of income versus buying ‘abroad’. I’ll finish up with this quote from the Petits filous blog

According to the Love Irish Food research, the importance of buying Irish is well recognised by consumers with 86% stating they agree or strongly agree that buying Irish products will help the Irish economy recover by protecting Irish jobs. 72% of those surveyed in the ‘Loyalty to Irish Brands’ study by Bord Bia buy or tend to buy what they know or consider to be Irish brands.

What do you think….?

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tesco, country crest & the fingal vintage society

I took this picture today at the Fingal Vintage Society Classic Car Show. The event, delayed due to weather conditions was rescheduled from July to September and rainfall overnight almost cancelled the gig again.

But the Hoey family [applause] having donated the use of their land to the community again weren’t to be totally disappointed [apart from the odd wheel skid?!]. Their display, to promote Tesco Irelands use of their Country Crest and other Irish brandsonce again was something to be proud of.

Whilst the sun did come out, it’s a pity that the sun didn’t shine in France today over Eddie O’ Sullivan