solanum crispum glasnevin



there are about 1,400 members to the solanum family. I particularly like this one climber mainly for its blue and yellow dotted trailing flowers. A member of the potatoe family… for that reason I believe] I find this beauty always does well in Irish soils given half a chance.

The crispum members of the solanum family are also known as the chilean potatoe tree –If you wish to delve more into the plant names gig then click here to read more – They’re a group of fast growing, evergreen climbers that can grow to an eventual of 20 foot tall.

It is above all the first climber to make **the list** for good reason… it grows easily almost anywhere, it’ll take a good beating when it needs a little cutting back [great  for those who can’t look after plants so well] and worth ever s[c]ent it will cost you.  Above all of that it is an absolute stunner. Enjoy!

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garden bulbs tulips

simply stunning

or ‘Tulipa’ – at this moment you can really only consider them now for next year or if they are in pots and you wish them to be put outside wait until they have died back and plant them then.

The Tulipa of the Liliaceae family has about 100 species in it genus [family]. I’ll vere away from the horticultural technical knowledge and to the general… they are one of my all time favourites.

Brillant for flowers around the house, extremely attractive and if you were looking to give a gift on a budget [time it for the bithdays next year…] 5 bulbs in a pot and a little compost and Grandad will absolutely love you for it.

If you don’t have any in your garden – put a note on your calender to consider these for the end of this season… and enjoy 🙂

silicon republic review…

peter donegan landscaping weblog

irelands very own silicon republic

I started ‘blogging’ around October last year. I blog passionately. I try to. I never really worried too much about what I wrote – as long as it was from my heart. I hope[d] this [would] shine through.

I never for one minute expected that my experiences of ‘my’ horticultural world would be reviewed [?] by Irelands Technology News Service – Silicon Republic – and the great writings of Marie Boran [It was never my intention].

This, to me, is like my very own little oscar. A big deal for 5 horticulturalist in a meeting this morn! It’s not a blog award. It’s not a blog post award. It’s not an award. It is for a horticulturalist. It is to be posted on the notice board in the office – possibly even framed! It is more than an award, to me. Thank you Silicon republic. Here’s what Marie [flowers are on the way] thought:

Move over Diarmuid Gavin! Peter Donegan is a complete gardening nut and blogs religiously on the topic. It is obvious from this blog that it is not just his profession but his passion.

I particularly love the post where he tells us about his deep-rooted (no pun intended) love of gardening, which started with the growing of bulbs under his bed at the tender age of four!

There is something wonderfully captivating about holding in your hand the power of life within a tiny seed and having the responsibility to nurture this living thing. Unfortunately, I bored easily as a child and was apt to let my precious plant die.

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Bloom 2008 – Pour L’amour de Jeux

This was the bio given to my show garden entry before it was built…


Without a main sponsor….. Peter Donegan’s design, titled ‘Pour L’amour de Jeux’ is a garden whose title and theme was chosen on the basis of a Designers desire to build and design ‘dream’ gardens because of a love of the game.

With modern pressures and taken for granted hectic lifestyles this garden is a micro-haven paradise designed and built with pure passion to show that dreamers do exist and that those dreams however illogic can become reality. If life is what you enjoy, then this garden is what you will love, our entry for Bloom 2008

When asked so many times throughout Bloom 2007, why one would design a show garden as was ‘No Rubber – Soul’; it seemed incomprehensible to some, yet to others put simply it was for ‘a love of the game’ the only reason why Peter Donegan and his team built such a garden. It seemed therefore quite an appropriate name for this garden.

A garden that is fully recycled or recyclable the main feature… comprises a 33ft 1957, pink, three story pleasure cruise boat named ‘Mo Chailín Cáitlín’. The garden is surrounded by water, a slightly raised recycled timber and lawn combined marina, and natures finest planting. The finshing touch is a hand sculpted piece by Patrick Campbell.

And so the question still remains… would you sponsor a show garden?

With thanks to:

Hamamelis x intermedia

Walking through the nurseries today selecting trees for a garden we are creating at the moment when I stumbled upon this little beauty flowering on its bare stems. Most of the trees I needed are in bud at present, but not in leaf and definitely theres rare, if any oportunity to see flower. Next time your buying plants spare a thought for the witch hazel and put one in your garden.

In a [plant] world gone mad it made my day even brighter than it always is !

UPDATE: 16th feb 2010

not x intermedia but wonderful and beautiful nonetheless 😉

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