pest clear 2000

the kinder pest clear-er

the kinder pest clear-er

it is the time of year where little crawling friends will seek shelter from the storm. And once they are in there’s the old trap routine or there’s this fella. Its called pestclear 2000. The packaging tells me it’s sold over 1 million [since 1998].

It costs €40. I got mine from my good friends in Fingal Farm supplies. I’m told by more than one source it works superb and so far I’m free of the ‘guaranteed to make a big girl scream’ type fellow.

It gives off a ‘piercing noise which can only be heard by mice, rats and insects’ and frightens them away. If they are already inside it makes their nesting place ‘uncomfortable – thus drives them out of the house’

like an ambi-pure without the scent...

Remember: on the side of it there’s two switches; tur the first to ‘const’ which leaves it always on and the second to ‘ultrasonc’ if you wish to deter mice etc. Of course if you have gerbals you’ve got a slight problem… ?

What else do you need to do? Just plug it in and you’re done 🙂 To be honest I dont like the old traps. I feel guilty using them…. ?!!

Bloom 2008 – Pour L’amour de Jeux

This was the bio given to my show garden entry before it was built…


Without a main sponsor….. Peter Donegan’s design, titled ‘Pour L’amour de Jeux’ is a garden whose title and theme was chosen on the basis of a Designers desire to build and design ‘dream’ gardens because of a love of the game.

With modern pressures and taken for granted hectic lifestyles this garden is a micro-haven paradise designed and built with pure passion to show that dreamers do exist and that those dreams however illogic can become reality. If life is what you enjoy, then this garden is what you will love, our entry for Bloom 2008

When asked so many times throughout Bloom 2007, why one would design a show garden as was ‘No Rubber – Soul’; it seemed incomprehensible to some, yet to others put simply it was for ‘a love of the game’ the only reason why Peter Donegan and his team built such a garden. It seemed therefore quite an appropriate name for this garden.

A garden that is fully recycled or recyclable the main feature… comprises a 33ft 1957, pink, three story pleasure cruise boat named ‘Mo Chailín Cáitlín’. The garden is surrounded by water, a slightly raised recycled timber and lawn combined marina, and natures finest planting. The finshing touch is a hand sculpted piece by Patrick Campbell.

And so the question still remains… would you sponsor a show garden?

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