Synthetic Lawn

plastic grass

note: the garden above has works still ongoing at this moment and also whilst the surface was being laid.

Grass n 1 a very common green plant with jointed stems and long narrow leaves, eaten by animals such as sheep and cows, and used for lawns and sports fields

Lawn n an area of cultivated and mown grass

Synthetic adj 1 (of substance or material) made artificially by chemical reaction 2 not sincere or genuine n 3 a synthetic substance or material

source: Collins Dictionary Paperback fourth edition 1999

I’ll be dead honest with you and say that I was very dubious about even touching this product, never mind posting it here, complete with a personally hand written note that it has been installed into a garden with my name firmly stuck to the tail end of it.

synthetic lawn (5)

As a horticulturist, I guess it’s the Irish equivalent of standing up mid way through Sunday Mass and announcing from the pulpit that I don’t like the Angelus and I feckin’ hate spuds. I’m sure there’s a far better ‘it’s a bit like…’ but, you get what I’m saying and somehow it still feels not entirely right to me.

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