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solanum crispum glasnevin


there are about 1,400 members to the solanum family. I particularly like this one climber mainly for its blue and yellow dotted trailing flowers. A member of the potatoe family… for that reason I believe] I find this beauty always does well in Irish soils given half a chance.

The crispum members of the solanum family are also known as the chilean potatoe tree –If you wish to delve more into the plant names gig then click here to read more – They’re a group of fast growing, evergreen climbers that can grow to an eventual of 20 foot tall.

It is above all the first climber to make **the list** for good reason… it grows easily almost anywhere, it’ll take a good beating when it needs a little cutting back [great¬† for those who can’t look after plants so well] and worth ever s[c]ent it will cost you.¬† Above all of that it is an absolute stunner. Enjoy!

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