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is it worth it....?

is it worth it....?

Thursday 27th November I will go to Cape Town for the second time until the 8th December to work as part of a garden team of over 100 people to build community gardens.

The gardens are only a part of what will happen in Cape Town as this year [again] over 2000 people, mainly from Ireland, will have raised and/ or donated a minimum of €5,000 each to travel to South Africa for almost 2 weeks to build homes [in my case gardens] with The Niall Mellon Township Trust.

We may say things are not so good in Ireland. Some may even say ‘we’ have just entered tough times. I disagree and this is simply just another reason as to why I still say life is good… sorry, life is very good 🙂 We are so so fortunate and this simply makes me appreciate more as to why I feel so good [and should…] about life.

To those who helped out in any way [no matter how small you believe it was] from the bottom of my heart thank you, it is really so very much appreciated.

All south africa garden posts are here. If you would like to know more about The Niall Mellon Township Trust – click here.

*you* made the difference.

*you* made the difference.

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ALCI… the who? seminar…. what?

don't lose your head....

don't lose your head....

some say we find ourselves in challenging times. Some say there is a difficult road ahead and depending on the sector of the market you are involved in this may well be the case.

Rather than burying your head the ALCI wishes to bring these matters to the fore. The event is open to everyone [ie not just ALCI members] and costs a mere tenner [a bargain considering tea and coffee is included].

It’s Tuesday, it’s a half day and it’s expected to be a full house. Details and contact details are below. Get your 10 bob in now!!

Seminar – Managing Growth in a Challenging Economy
Speakers:     Mark Fielding – ISME
Alan Tracey – Business Advisor
Charles Funke – Landscape Architect
Where:         Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co Kildare
Date:           25th November 2008
Time:           2-5pm
Cost:           €10


within obvious changing environment the decline within the construction industry could only play an obvious and primary role in causing a downturn in sales for the landscaping industry. But those who will really weather the storm are the landscape contracors of Ireland, who have alternate factors outside of our new governments policies to consider.

With one of the wettest summers on record in Irelands history, Spokeperson for The Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland [ALCI] Peter Donegan MI Hort, today spoke optimistically of the future that lay ahead for its members.

‘We have had more than just a changing economy to deal with this year. We have had one of the worst summers in the history of this country and this alone is probably the greatest single factor to knock our members, if at all. But one must remember that grass, plants and trees still grow and whilst that alone ensures our economy can only slow down so much, the trouble is, this year it has made it difficult to complete or start projects and also to look after them.’

The Director of Donegan Landscaping also went on to note that ‘We are aware that the construction industry has had a downturn and that a sector of our members may have been heavily dependent upon this as a source of turnover, that said we are also aware that there is also a possibilty of one almost talking ourselves into a constant low economically. One must remember that if the weather of this year is the same through 2009, it will not be the stock markets that bring over 100 companies to their knees.’

The ALCI represents almost 200 companies of both trade and landscaping and has been in existance for over 30 years. Wednesday 25th November 2008 [2-5pm]will see their seminar – Managing Growth in a Challenging Economy – take place at The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. Kildare. Speakers will include Mark Fielding – ISME, Alan Tracey – Business Advisor and Charles Funke – Landscape Architect.

association – n 1 a group of people with a common interest
or Peter Donegan tel: 00353-1-8078712 or email info[at]doneganlandscaping[dot]com

dear mr. [taxman] brian lenihen….

it would make you wonder...

it would make you wonder...

Dear Mr. taxman Lenihen,
I’m 32 years old and I own a landscape design [etc] company. I have been in business eight years now. To the point, may I ask what have you ever done in return for all the money you have, taken sequestered maybe, from me? You are always paid on time; You never give me discount; You never say thank you; You’ve never even sent me a Christmas card.

I work very hard. I’ve never taken stress leave. I may close down if I did. If I were to close down and start back up again – I may get grants. In fact, if I were to close down and sign on – I [theoretically and no offence anyone] would get a Christmas bonus.

The funny thing is if I were to waste your money doing your garden – you can choose not to pay me… and when I don’t have enough money I close down. However, if you waste my [taxpayers that is] money… you still get paid and then you ask, no take more increase taxation again… it’s not really very fair put in that context? But then who am I… ?

Yours Sincerley,
Peter Donegan

ps: if you do need your garden done please call 01-8078712. If you ring from your office, I’ll cover the cost of the phonecall.

Self Inflicted Recessions…?

yeah i’ll be there in an hour…

We had to call a services company recently… We called at 9.11am and were told they’d be here in one hour. We called again at 2.11pm and were told they are on the way. We then called at 4.25pm to cancel [after waiting a full day] to be told yeah thats’s grand…

I don’t mind if a company tells me tomorrow and they turn up tomorrow, or next week and they arrive then. What I do mind is companies who complain about a sales downturn, lay people off etc. when sometimes really all that’s needed is a change in mentality… ?

I wrote about recessions here some time ago – the question is – is it somewhat self inflicted…?

brian lenihen… welcome to the black market?

Dear Mr Lenihen,

i followed your budget yesterday. I don’t personally mind too much of it to be very honest! However, it does affect more than me. For the record George Lee doesn’t really inspire a nation.

I do remember the 1980’s when unemployment was tipping around 375k, emigration was approximately 35-45k p.a., the national debt was 27-30 billion and those who could get a job where paid most likely under the counter – which is how most things where bought as a result. Do you remember?


'brian can you hear me?'

I would ask… are you trying to bring this country backwards? or are you vying make people leave Ireland to reduce the live register? I won’t discuss the health system as it’s not really a place for it [it stinks by the way and you should be ashamed – see Angela Merkel for further details]. I appreciate your own pay cuts – [it should be higher] but, if you are going to lead a country of people [?] – I would suggest you talk to them first.. and maybe try to lead by example… Whilst I am it… take a leaf from The Greens book, lead [?] by example and make all government ministers cycle to work.

How much do all those cars cost including fuel, drivers, insurance, servicing – I pay for them?

For the record – I added this to loudervoice – as it’s my review of the budget [with relevance to a market i operate within]

Of course if your really bored with listening to George Lee, check out the garden polls… [click here]