Instant Garden: Malahide, Co. Dublin

instant lawn, dublin

This lawn was laid as part of a garden project that really is so much more than just lawn. I’ll maybe cover that in a seperate post in a while, after the finishing touches have been added. You’ll absolutely love it 😉

And whilst Donegan Landscaping should be showing (and also is… if you get me) only the finest sides of my work, there is something in my mind that just loves that extreme metamorphosis from almost waste ground appearance overgrown with weeds to homely, in one 7 second video…. it almost looks good enough to eat.

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Landscaping Ireland and The Home Renovation Incentive Scheme (HRI)

irish distillers pernod ricard, fox and geese garden (3)

Update March 7th 2013:

I interviewed Pat Moland of The Irish Tax and Customs Revenue – or The Revenue Commissioners [on The garden radio show] as they are better known, to discuss the Home Revenue Incentive Scheme [HRI] from both the client and contractors perspective.

The Home Renovation Incentive Scheme (HRI), according to is:

A new Revenue scheme enables homeowners to claim tax relief on repairs, renovations or improvement work that is carried out on their homes by tax-compliant contractors and is subject to 13.5% VAT.

The Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) will be paid in the form of a tax credit at 13.5% of qualifying expenditure, which can be set against your income tax over 2 years. In general, qualifying work must be done between 25 October 2013 and 31 December 2015.

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Planters: Two Spots Café. Swords, Co. Dublin

garden planters dublin

It was absolutely lashing out of the heavens when I put these planters together for Aoife at Two Spots Café in Swords and whilst our Irish rain [it’s wetter than you think….] might get some a little down, one really has to give credit and take some inspiration from any business that tries to make their punters smile that little greater amid the January blues.

Hand made with aged, rustic if you will timber, painted and branded; I decided upon a hand picked select choice of [not bedding] plants that would last the full year through, throwing out a trickle of colour as the seasons pass. Bearing in mind, this being the starting month of the year, one can gather [see image above] they have yet to show their true colours, if you’ll pardon the cliché. Read more

Landscaping Dublin: Small Back Garden

dublin landscaping

If you have anything that might be considered a small, narrow or 3 bed semi D sized garden the golden rules to making it feel greater [in size], are really very simple.

  • Where possible, eliminate all symmetry – Think of it like a small bathroom or kitchen, the smaller the space, the smaller the floor or/ and wall tile you would use.
  • Make the back drop one colour and as bright as possible – The bathroom/ kitchen analogy in mind, despite what that dude on the fence painting advert does, you would never paint it dark green. Well you might, but logically brighter colours reflect light and darker colours absorb it. It is why leaves are green.

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Childrens Sand Pit, Dublin

sand pit (3)

If you are gonna do a sand pit for the little ones in your house and garden there really is only one way to go. In that I mean you get one that they simply do not want to get out of and also one that will last outside in the delightful Irish weather that we have inherited.

This was built as one part of an overall garden build, but it is one that I thought might be of interest on its own merit. More, one that might just get you thinking a little outside of the box, so to speak.

A lot like the thinking behind sinking a trampoline, this variation will cost you more than the flat pack type products out there. But, if you want an addition to your childs play area that will last 10 – 15 years easily plus, then this is the only route to go. Equally as important, it looks pretty darned good when it’s not in use as when it is. 😉

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