get a hard hat…. go on!

go on...

go on...

Friday8th May 2009, this gig is on. It will be going on all day in The Pavillions Shopping Centre in Swords – i’ll be there from 2-6pm.

It’s called hard hat day.

I was in South Africa with the Niall Mellon Trust the last two years and [God bless, this year too… with your help]

But this is entirely different, so to speak…Can’t make it??

Yeah.. thats been taken care of too – click here and buy  one online. A virtual one…….. Go on!!

If you are on The Northside come on by, say hello and gimme some of your dosh… go on, go on…….. go on!

here’s the news from the lads:

The Niall Mellon Township Trust is having a national Flag Day called “Hard Hat Day Homes for Children” this Friday the 8th of May to raise much needed funds for children presently living in shacks in townships of South Africa. The conditions are unbearable with no water, no toilets and inadequate cooking facilities. When it rains, as it does for a number of months in the year, the shack leak badly and when it’s sunny, the shacks are like ovens. Normal living is made impossible. The new houses we build transform lives and dramatically improve children’s health, school attendance, life expectancy and job prospects. To date we have built 11,000 houses and have set a target to house 48,000 people in 2009. To achieve this we need to raise as much money as we can from Hard Hat Day – please buy a virtual hat on line now. Simply click on Hats off to you!

Thanks so much for your support

go on.....

go on.....

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i’m a gardener get me out of here….

In 2008  I and a group of over 100 people [2,000 in total] on a gardening team went to south africa with the niall mellon township trust to build gardens. My 2008 story is here [click it…. go on… click it]!!

This year I need to raise some dosh. money. spondulas… go on stuff some dollars in an envelope and send it to ballyboughal play the video above first.

I have a few ideas. But nothing really organised. I could use your brains, your hands, your thoughts, your old crap and your ideas…… not stuff you don’t want  like the vase that Auntie Mary bought you for your wedding that *he’s* always hated….If you can’t gimme diddly well then…. eh?

I’m up for a challenge…. I will do it…. dare me, go on I dare you. Dare me to do something….. I’m really cheap *and* I’m damn good value for money 😯

groovy track on this song by the way….

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i need an aeroplane…

i need an aeroplane

i need an aeroplane

yes, you read it right! I did the car [click here] and the boat [click here]. And you guessed I want to do a plane. It completes the trilogy of land, sea and air.

The question is can you help? Not too big! Not a jumbo! Just one like this or close enough. I don’t want to fly it. It doesn’t even have to look good…. anyone wanna know more – pick up the phone!

in Rick we trust

in Rick we trust

UPDATE: Of course last year it all ended with the help of the rick o’ shea show and the boat as you know by now reberthed at Electric Picnic.

This time…. I’ve started where I finished off! Tuesday 9th September saw me go live on air [again!] as we not only started a National campaign to look for a sponsor – but – also an aeroplane!

If you are interested, a PR list for the last 2 show gardens and how I and the donegan landscaping design team can tailor this to suit your company is only a cup of coffee away. Why not drop me a line?!

I want to thank you…

'your money' does so much...

‘your money’ does so much…

I want to thank all of you who raised, donated [no matter how much] or simply gave me your couple of spare shillings, for my second journey with The Niall Melon Towship Trust. This will be my second year travelling to Cape Town. Thank you all. If not to me for the charity. Bulaidh bós – you deserve applause!

To this I must and should thank those who helped me. I had to raise €5,000. This is how it was done, with *your* help.

There was of course the ladies who did the mini marathon for me and raised over €710. Ladies, from my heart, I thank you.

niall mellon township capetown

niall mellon township

There was also a client who, on her behalf, Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd donated the entire paid invoice. This raised €2750.

There were those who purchased tickets for the Gardeners Ball, an amazing night, made more special by those who I spent it with. We really had ‘a ball’ at that one! Half the money from the ticket price of €250 went towards my journey. This raised €750.

There were those who gave me VIP tickets in exchange for a very large pink boat. I bought these myself for recently married friends [i couldn’t get a higher bidder]. This raised €790, the balance of the account.

All that’s left to say really is… thank you [all] for being a friend

Individuals: Helen & Noel O’ Dwyer; Derek O’ Dwyer; Sean & Frances Gordon, Siobhan & John Farrell; Liz Matthews; Mary & Lilly Yu [my niece]; Jackie Donegan; Kathleen & John Friel; Noel & Stephanie; Michael & Nicola Nugent; Paul & Emer Kenny; [little] Sarah O’Dwyer [if there is anyone else please email me and i’ll add you to the list]

Companies: Packing Machine Solutions; Niamh Butler Architects; Electric Picnic c/o Pod Concerts Ltd; the staff of Iarnród Eireann and the staff of Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd.