10 Plants For A September Irish Garden

herbaceous border

I use these 10 plants for an Irish garden type lists when I’m doing gardens for people who maybe want to tell their mates what they have got in theirs or, in the plants off the season when you just can’t remember the name or describe just what that stunning clump of green foliage will look like in a few months time.

Of note these are 10 plants that are as they look as of about 5 days ago. And should your garden look like 50 shades of bland, this is where spending the extra dollar combined with some cocky horticulturist like myself superior horticultural knowledge really pays off. It is the difference between we got the garden done and it looks grand, except for the planting is shite, if you will.

Also I say September, its more August and September. And see images taken this week, below. And it’s been a cracker of a much warmer summer so all the ‘flowers between then and then’ garden books are miles off the mark. Unless they’re extremely vague. Anyhow, just in case you wanna heckle me this time next year coz your Rudbeckia came into bud 3 days later than I told you so. If you get me. You get me ? Anyhows….

Not all of them will catch your eye. Far mor importantly, horticulturally not all of them will grow in your garden. But like Heaney and Hendrix there is a place where, when we sit together and close our eyes, they and we fit perfectly.

1. Echinacea purpurea magnus

echinacea p magnus

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