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10 [New] Green Questions….


It was by freak accident that the 10 green questions started. And they seem to have proved very popular.

10 comedians [?] later I’m now looking for 10 new green[ish] questions.

It’s a bit of fun. It may even make you giggle a bit. God knows some people could do with a bit of that πŸ˜‰ Even if you only laugh at me πŸ˜† anyhow….

Leave a comment. Leave a suggestion. Leave a question. And the next funny dude I interview we’ll let him/ her choose and they’ll be the 10 green question for the next 10 comedians….

Thank you so much, so far, to the following.

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how green is… david mc savage

At the carlsberg comedy festival I met with up Irish comedian David Mc Savage.

The reason I went to meet David of course was to find out just how green he really is….

One tries ones best. But it doesn’t always go according to plan….

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