fall in love with the web [awards]…

congrats to

congrats to

At the irish web awards a host of stars and legends turned up in force to see those who deserve recognition for that extra effort made online. The event was organised by the brain that is Damien Mulley [and his possé] and the host for the gala evening was that of the legend Mr. Rick O Shea.

Donegan Landscaping were sponsors for the best council website – won by [The other finalists are shortlisted here]. Congrats must go to Anthony the brains behind the winning site and of course all of the other finalists winners and nominees. It was truly an amazing night. To all of those I met there… it was an absolute pleasure!

UPDATE: [borrowed from Mulleys blog] people posted here at Tommy C’s, videos here, ‘at Peter D’s post here AND another here. (Greedy ain’t he?)’ [rofl?!!], Keith’s post here, State, Alexia, Richard, Ken and me. David D. John Williams. Jennifer (Get well!) and Irish Times print coverage.

UPDATE: also david maybury

cork waste [matchers] matter

waste matters

waste matters

I met Catherine Costello, the project manager for waste matters at Damien Mulleys event. It was unusual, to see a website such as this represented at what was essentially a ‘how to use a weblog best‘ seminar – mainly as I thought I would be the only one [ie with a ‘non techie’ blog].

Catherines, now famous, story was how a flat screen television was found in a skip – before you ask it only needed a new plug!

I had a rumage through the site [click here]. For me it’s well built, very well designed and very easy to use. I found I could have refurbed my office, my house and got two bikes. One person was even donating 50 computer monitors. I know last week I had 2 sheds, an outdoor table c/w 6 chairs to give away and thats just the start of it. Bulaidh bós to Catherine for so many reasons – one of which was attending courses like to and appreciating that we can all learn more. With that in mind it’s is a pity others don’t take a leaf out of her book! hmm wonder will I find anything for my garden….

Category Description Amount Available/
Baby Goods Reversible buggy. Available Macroom Details
Baby Goods Cosato stroller good condition Available Crookstown Details
Bikes & Accessories 2 mens bicycles Available Youghal Details
Furniture Wooden bunk beds wanted can exchang… Wanted Rosscarbery Details
Furniture Green three piece suite. Available Midleton Details

media training?

...making it look so easy

...making it look so easy

Understanding that my only computer training was on a BBC computer 45 mins per week in secondary school, that I had no computer training in college and obviously no computer training thereafter – i’ve come a long way. I’ve made efforts to change that and that needed to go to a higher level.

Wednesday 17th August, at the much spoke about cork interational airport hotel, no more than 10 people who use ‘technology’ as part of their business [who doesn’t?] learnt from a master on how to best use this tool to ones advantage.

It was good that the class size was small, the class was of varying backgrounds and that it was all made relevant [everyones story] to ‘your’ business. Its is also good when the guy at the top of the class appreciates this and can smile. Of course we all had different motives to what we wanted from the course, but it thought me so much and I wanted to learn.

If you think of your web site/ blog [simply] as an overhead and dont mind as long as it *looks* alright then this course is probably isn’t for you. But Damiens course covers [click here] so much and it was an education that was so much appreciated and I must admit now an advantage.

Fluffy links – green style

Firstly whats a fluffy – invented by Mr Mulley a genius of the computing world Fluffys are pretty much little trinkets found on ones travels online. I doubt there has ever been one for gardening – greenish related but here goes my attempt. Thanks Damien.

first up michael schumachers garden

peter donegan landscaping topiary

jane halls ecoshop – gone be the days of the wind up radio… it solar for me

barbee says a gardeners best tool – is the computer…. ?

oxfam ireland sell really cool wooden trains [online]

greenhouses – any size any place anywhere i like the oldstyle

this girl rocks – literally

your mama’s rich & daddys good looking? … i wanna house here

one of my own – can’t see it anywhere else – free water butts. Which leads me to…

conor pope on recycling & because he’s cool & does The Ray today fm show

green tv absolutely fantastic – i love it

guerilla gardening – seeing is believing video below