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call me...!

call me...!

I’ve written about my obvious business dislikes before here and here. But  more recently I’ve been looking at reducing my overheads. Everyone is saying I should. I looked at the biggest one I know. I then sent them an email. To date I have no response.

Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 1:09 PM
Subject: VAT query
To whom it may concern:
I hope you are having a very nice day.  I am also hoping you can make my day very nice.
I was wondering if there is any chance I could have some discount on the amount of tax you wish me to pay.
Registration no.: ********
Notice No. *************
VAT* Return
Net Payable €******
Thank you very much and I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day tomorrow.
Many thanks
Peter Donegan
Peter Donegan MI Hort
Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd
Co. Dublin
m   *** – *******
t     00353-1-8078712
f     00353-1-8078712
e    info[at]doneganlandscaping[dot]com

I Never Knew You…

So many times I hear people say they never knew I did this or that with relevance to ‘gardening’ of some form. This may sound like a sort of pitch – it’s more clarification – on the record.

The company is called Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd. But, maybe I should have called ‘the company’ Peter Donegan… anything horticulture or ‘gardening’ Ltd. Gardening consists of so many varying matters and subjects, which often firms chose to specialise in solely one aspect of. I choose to like *everything* done in-house and under the one roof. So what do I/ we do?

consultancy: advice from domestic to commercial, whether considering a budget, design advice or simply the most general of matters. I know we know what we’re talking about.

design: with numerous awards under our belts for garden design from domestic to commercial from large to small and historic to modern; it’s your space outside and our role is to get the best results from that budget and your space.

maintenance: employing only the finest horticulturists, it is gardening, it matters and we do it. In fact unknowns to some we hold an award for this too!

sales: from product sourcing to product sales. If it’s related to the garden we sell it. from plants to mulch, from soil to seating it’s all there and the list goes on… and on…

landscaping: the name says it all! garden building, garden making, overhauls, revamps and re-creations… from the oldest to the boldest….

That’s the basics. But this can be broken down once again into project management, tree surgery, lawns, planning… but the reason why i only work with the finest horticulturists is so that the customer gets what exactly the customer wants. The way it should be. From Donegal to Galway, from Wexford to Dublin, even overseas… you are the customer – you can have whatever you want.

If its not on the list, you like it, love it or want it,  let me know. It may be in the weblog [search for it]. If I can help you – I will. In the meantime…. Thank you.