Lá Fhéile Phádraig… agus lá na gaeilge 2010

Más mian leat eolas breise feach ar an bhlog Lá na Gaeilge agus ar an website Lá Fheile Phadraig.


Ar an lá seo i 2009, scríobh mé píosa ar Lá na Gaeilge agus Lá Fheile Phádraig, as gaeilge. Cén fath? Bheul, is maith liom as gaeile a labhairt. Deacair? Beaganaí beidir. Ach le lá amháin, chun píosa beag a scríobh ar mo bhlog…. Nílim gaelgóir. Tá go lóir chun a fháil trí agam. Ach in aon rud agus i mo thuraim tá sé tábhachtach.

Nur a dhúirt mé faoi gairneoireachta bhí dacrachtaí agam, tháinig deacrachtaí sa bhealach orainn mar is gnách agus shíleamar. Mar atá gairneoireachta saineolaí suibiacht.


Ach nur a bhím beidir ceathair bhlaoina daois, táim abálta as gaeilge a labhairt. Tá sé mo teanga dhúchais agus iarracht mé thabhairt ar rud a dhéanamh faoi sin.

Go dtí rudaí atá glas. Beidir rudaí faoi amuigh faoin aer….

Ní maith liom óráid mór a dheanamh ach…. cúpla lá ó shin bhí mé i Pairc Naomh Phadraig. So beidir nach bhfuil sé an tabhachtach nach ndhéanaimid dearmad ar an rud seo. Ar Lá Fheile Phadraig, tá sé phairc agus áit go hana speisiúil ar fad. Ach beidir nach cuimhaimid faoi pairc as Baile Átha Cliath, níl sé an phairc seo.

Le lá amháin, beidh mé ag cáint, ag gáire agus beidir ag dámhsa as gaeilge agus freisin ar an lá seo [beidir] beidh mé ag dul go dtí Pairc Naomh Phadraig le Bean Donagáin.


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supporting trees…

seamus enns...

seamus ennis...

you might be wondering why the Seamús Ennis centre is in a gardening  article?

Apart from is being an amazing place… It is the tree support in the background of this photograph that it is here.

Rather than chop the arms off a fine and well represented  tree in the beautiful village of the Naul… someone, I assume Fingal County Council decided to come up with the logic of giving it a helping hand.

I thought it a great idea and more than deserved of a mention. I haven’t seen a tree ‘staff’/ support used since I was 22/23 years old and over the grounds of Dublin City University… [10 years ago now…].

The building is beautiful with it thatched roof and honestly, cutting off the limb of this tree would enhance the structure less than more… If you are out for a Sunday cycle why not drop by, take a look and let me know what you think? enjoy 🙂

tree-supports seamus ennis centre naultree-support-street-planting seamus ennis centretree-supports-street naul co.dublin

galway & landscaping.. not in my home[r]

I’ve just returned from Galway where the week truly could’ve only got better. When I visited in August what I found was nothing short of criminal.

The ‘contractor’ had removed the foundations of the retaining wall leaving it falling away into the garden with the driveway. He also took up the trees & drainage pipes but left all the rubb[ish]le, county council road cones & his tools in the middle of the garden. He also took €2500 euro from a mature lady and never returned.

As a favour to the bullying persuasive Fernandes sisters [humour?!!], I went with three of Donegan Landscapings finest to undo some of the disgraceful disaster inflicted upon their Mother.

What I don’t understand is how Ireland can support the rogues of this Country in the belief that they are saving a few quid [sorry Mam] or that there is a better deal out there? To be honest it’s an ethos I don’t subscribe to, never have and so I can’t explain why it continues to happen. To put it in context, the original €2500 plus a new wall, the rubbish removal, the new soil, the drainage… has left a rotten after-taste costing at present over €15,000 to rectify. I’d personally like this guy to be imprisoned, but it would cost the state too much money – which indirectly I’d have to pay anyway.

A landscape programme has yet to be implemented but for now, the retaining walls are brand new [thanks adrian], the soil like gold dust [thanks peter eile], the weather gave a mild sun tan and the lads, well they done as they always do, perfection. Thank you all sincerely.

For those of you with horror stories speak loud and prevent more of it. For those of you about to embark on a landscape project chose carefully, know what you want, pay for it to be done once and enjoy. If you want a good laugh watch The Simpsons on screen, not in your garden.