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irish blog awards ’09

damien mulley
damien mulley

The brainchild of the genius that is Damen Mulley, the day was Saturday 21st February, the venue was the Cork International Airport Hotel, it was of course the Irish Blog Awards ’09.

Peter Donegan Landscaping weblog had been nominated and loglisted but we didn’t make the finals. That said, my intention for blogging was never to receive an award. And although I wouldn’t mind the accolade 😆 when I read the finalist listings, those who did make the final cut and the eventual winners – I realise I have such a long way to go and so much to learn from those who are so good at what they do. A sincere bulaidh bós to all it was an honour to be in your company.

After that Huge praise and applause to all of the sponsors; To all of the bloggers I met and spoke with [and didn’t]: legends. A mention to the lads Darragh and team and John who did the videos; to Rick O’Shea our host; A note of applause to Eolai whos art decorated the walls of the hotel and once again to all who made the night so enjoyable. – [If I have left anyone out I apologise sincerely – let me know and I’ll edit the post].

The list of winners are all here. Do take a look. They are so very much worthwhile reading and deserved of the acclaim. Well done once again to all.