i’ll do anything for charity #1

I’m trying to get to south africa with the Niall Mellon Township for the 3rd year in a row. I need to raise €5,000. Sounds like a lot but it’s not when you get lots of small amounts…

I’ve a couple of ideas in the pipeline….

My first is this. It’ll make you smile. You leave a comment. Donate a small amount of pocket money. Nothing too big…. and then have a good mick take at my expense. Easy!!

The minimum is €2 [two yo-yo’s] – it says €20 – but just delete that….. and have a bit of craic!!

Go on this picture is ample ammunition… g’wan ahead and knock yourself out  😆 Donate online here. If you don’t want to see my hairy white legs – then click here and put your name down for a few bob. Got a better idea? just contact me 😯

.....gimme some yo yo's !!

.....gimme some yo yo's !!

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