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dreaming of the picture
dreaming of the picture

5/6/7 Sept 2008 Dublin Show, Punchestown, Co. Kildare

I was at this last year. A genius event on the calender and will be there again this year. I do get a free ticket because I write for the magazine, but, this is about selfbuilding? So why am I putting in out there? Because as this article says and what the self build team try to promote is an understanding of all the factors required to complete your home [there is a big difference between that and a house!]. And I’ve just gone through it…

From the old ways of building to sustainability and the future – it’s all there. Who knows I might buy you a cuppa even bump into you! For more information click here. As a by the way – my self build finished in March and [before one asks] yes my garden is ‘almost’ complete and the inside decorating is not yet started… ?!

Have a great day and enjoy!