Dublin Christmas Tree Farm

It’s most probably 2012 or beyond, when you are reading this but due to the fact that I was bombarded with people [2011 – and happy to help] looking for a Christmas tree farm I thought I’d make life easier for you all [and myself] for the coming year[s].

Wades Christmas Tree Farm (mp3)

Add to that the fact that The Wade family who own the farm are lovely folks and I like going there for my family tree. So long as you like farms [as versus supermaket car parks] and a little of the jolly cheer of the festive season spirit…. you’ll love it too.

Do note, as per the audio above, there is no telephone or website. The video shows how it all works. Take the Swords Road to Ashbourne and it’s the first left after Kettles Hotel.

Happy Christmas and enjoy.

wades christmas tree farm dublin christmas tree farm directions

i want that one…

Christmas trees! I love this time of year… I just love it! While you’re at the turkey stuff the begrudgers, the doom and gloomers and anybody else who’s a pain in the tuschie, take out the mistletoe and have a mince pie. It is the season to be jolly – and don’t you forget it 🙂

With whole place decked in holly, last week I and ‘her indoors’ [as Arthur Daly would say], went to pick out our Christmas tree. There is, possibly unknowns to some a Christmas tree farm in Rolestown North Dublin [just outside Swords and after Kettles Hotel just on the left]. It’s brilliant. While I was there, the Moms flocked in with their children, wellies and woolies on and went with Mick to select the specimen they wanted.

€30 any tree, netted and the butt drilled or trimmed to suit your stand. If you’re nice he’ll even give you a lolly pop! If you have never seen a tree farm or never selected your own live tree it is a great experience .

Have a really Happy Christmas, have a great new year and enjoy!