get a hard hat…. go on!

go on...

go on...

Friday8th May 2009, this gig is on. It will be going on all day in The Pavillions Shopping Centre in Swords – i’ll be there from 2-6pm.

It’s called hard hat day.

I was in South Africa with the Niall Mellon Trust the last two years and [God bless, this year too… with your help]

But this is entirely different, so to speak…Can’t make it??

Yeah.. thats been taken care of too – click here and buy  one online. A virtual one…….. Go on!!

If you are on The Northside come on by, say hello and gimme some of your dosh… go on, go on…….. go on!

here’s the news from the lads:

The Niall Mellon Township Trust is having a national Flag Day called “Hard Hat Day Homes for Children” this Friday the 8th of May to raise much needed funds for children presently living in shacks in townships of South Africa. The conditions are unbearable with no water, no toilets and inadequate cooking facilities. When it rains, as it does for a number of months in the year, the shack leak badly and when it’s sunny, the shacks are like ovens. Normal living is made impossible. The new houses we build transform lives and dramatically improve children’s health, school attendance, life expectancy and job prospects. To date we have built 11,000 houses and have set a target to house 48,000 people in 2009. To achieve this we need to raise as much money as we can from Hard Hat Day – please buy a virtual hat on line now. Simply click on Hats off to you!

Thanks so much for your support

go on.....

go on.....

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i’m a gardener get me out of here….

In 2008  I and a group of over 100 people [2,000 in total] on a gardening team went to south africa with the niall mellon township trust to build gardens. My 2008 story is here [click it…. go on… click it]!!

This year I need to raise some dosh. money. spondulas… go on stuff some dollars in an envelope and send it to ballyboughal play the video above first.

I have a few ideas. But nothing really organised. I could use your brains, your hands, your thoughts, your old crap and your ideas…… not stuff you don’t want  like the vase that Auntie Mary bought you for your wedding that *he’s* always hated….If you can’t gimme diddly well then…. eh?

I’m up for a challenge…. I will do it…. dare me, go on I dare you. Dare me to do something….. I’m really cheap *and* I’m damn good value for money 😯

groovy track on this song by the way….

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daffodil… what a day!



I have written about how to plant bulbs here and here – and it is not too late to plant bulbs in your garden… And whilst it is a little too late to plant daffodil bulbs in your garden it is not too late to enjoy them.

You could of course go a stage further and really celebrate the golden beauties… because today of course is National Daffodil Day.

Daffodil Day is organised and run by the Irish Cancer Society. It is the most popular charity event in Ireland and is a chance for everyone in Ireland to make the biggest difference to the lives of everyone affected by cancer. And with more people than ever being diagnosed with cancer, supporting Daffodil Day is more important than ever

You can do loads of things to help – from coffee with friends to simply buying a daffodil off one of the lads on the street [click here for more] – coz you know all the groovy dudes are wearing them… or you can try this unique way to plant your own daff. The lads are even on twitter

don't forget

don't forget

khayelitsha, south africa 2008 – part 3/3

part 1 of the khayelitsha story is here

part 2 of the khayelitsha story is here

the deadline was Friday lunch-time. I believe it was 3 minutes before one when we finished. Some were on the plane within 12 hours, some where stayng on a bit longer. I had an extra day – to sleep mainly. So many more needed a lot more than that. It was worth it. Another journey was complete. 253 houses were built. A community was given a centre. I played a very small part. I was proud to have done so. I dont have so many photographs of the complete garden, surprising, possibly. But the official blog was there along and so too was the Niall Mellon Township website.

Will I return next year. Yes. Will I need your help. Yes. If you can help – please call. To those who did help me this year – from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much 🙂 It was appreciated.

south africa, 2008, gardens & the niall mellon township…

is it worth it....?

is it worth it....?

Thursday 27th November I will go to Cape Town for the second time until the 8th December to work as part of a garden team of over 100 people to build community gardens.

The gardens are only a part of what will happen in Cape Town as this year [again] over 2000 people, mainly from Ireland, will have raised and/ or donated a minimum of €5,000 each to travel to South Africa for almost 2 weeks to build homes [in my case gardens] with The Niall Mellon Township Trust.

We may say things are not so good in Ireland. Some may even say ‘we’ have just entered tough times. I disagree and this is simply just another reason as to why I still say life is good… sorry, life is very good 🙂 We are so so fortunate and this simply makes me appreciate more as to why I feel so good [and should…] about life.

To those who helped out in any way [no matter how small you believe it was] from the bottom of my heart thank you, it is really so very much appreciated.

All south africa garden posts are here. If you would like to know more about The Niall Mellon Township Trust – click here.

*you* made the difference.

*you* made the difference.

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