gardeners weekend for the niall mellon township trust

the guide to the event:

and what a fantastic weekend its lining up to be…. please if you have a blog/ a twitter/ a FB/ a newspaper/ a radio –  can you repost this – it really is so very much appreciated 🙂

If you can’t go – maybe you know someone who can or who could help out on the day… to make an online donation securely – click here

are you going.....?

are you going.....?

Saturday & Sunday 12th & 13th of September 2009 sees some of Irelands top horticulturalists come together at the Garden Exhibition Centre in Kilquade to raise awareness and funds for Peter Donegan to travel to South Arica in what is his third year building community gardens. 28 stunning sample gardens, cream cakes and great coffee, pet arena, garden guest speakers with Q& A sessions and live music and a host of activities for family and children. All for the price of a donation.

Because of your 10 cents, your 10 euro or even your very much appreciated 10 minutes I have managed to go there for the last 2 years. This year, this November I’m going again. The event above is gonna be a jam packed family day out with soooooo much to do and plenty for the gardener, the non gardener or the wannabe gardener…. Take a look at what the garden of hope team managed last year….

here’s a taster of what will be on offer and a little information on the charity….

it’s going to be held in the garden Exhibition Centre in Kilquade which is already an amazing place here’s some of what they have to offer….

not only that…. but the very kind gentlemen of The Riptide Movement – a band that are booked to play support for none other than Fleetwood Mac in the o2 😆 are coming along on the Sunday to play some tunes from their debut album….

I’ll keep you updated here….. btw… you can also stick a big fat cheque in an envelope – donate your time or whatever you got going 😉 and or you can click here and throw in your few cents.

I hope to see you there. Thank you 🙂

PS: on facebook events – click here

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a venue has been donated….

remember this post on my trip to south africa with the niall mellon township…?

a venue has been kindly donated by niall power of the garden exhibition centre in kilquade, co. wicklow for the entire weekend Saturday & Sunday September 12th & 13th.

Gentleman? you better believe it 😉 thanks niall 🙂

Check out the video

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a trip to south africa….

i have it all posted under the category ‘garden of hope’.

if you’d like more information visit the niall mellon township trust website or just give me a call…..

to donate dosh click here

the horse show hustle….



an odd year it most definitely has been…. for many reasons. But no matter what way I look at life…. sometimes do I get a little down, not for long… [yes, even I do…] there is so much going on that makes me wonder, even for that split second…. why I, singular, have the right to moan.

I have got charity stuff that I’ll  need a miracle for…. But even for the photo of me looking like a muppet over €300 was raised. Thats gotta make you smile 😆

Anyhow… enough about me. Rick has a gig.

I’ve booked my ticket. €33.posted please. Funny thing. The ticket asked would I like a message printed on it. Damn right I do. I asked could mine say ‘I like hugging trees’ on it. It’s my ticket 😉

Anyhow. Thats not bad value if a landscaping tree hugger ever thought he could mix it with the who’s who [?] of Krystle Night Club and all that bling bling…. and there’s me with a tree in my pocket incase I get lonely on the bus on the way home 😯

book it here

Here’s what Rick says about the gig:

Finally the Brainwave Horse Show Hustle event for charity has a line-up for the night.

Thanks a million to the glorious Mr Kitt for agreeing to play – he’ll have a 5 piece band and will be doing his own stuff and covers for us on the night :-)

You can get your ticket here:

Thank you!!!! All blog mentions and RTs gratefully recieved…

Event: Brainwave presents
The Horse Show Hustle
Venue: Krystle Nightclub, Dublin
Date and time: Fri 07 Aug 2009 21:00
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how to bloom in the park 2009

**bloom in the park 2009 – to read my review – click here



Show times and dates:

  • thursday 28th May  11am – 6pm
  • friday 29th May 10am – 6pm
  • saturday 30th May 10am – 6pm
  • sunday 31st May 10am – 6pm
  • monday 1st June 10am – 6pm

Recommended to do and see:

  • 27 show gardens
  • don’t forget the engaging spaces gardens
  • recreation of US First Lady Michelle Obama’s Whitehouse Kitchen Garden
  • free childrens craft workshops with The Craft Council of Ireland
  • Ladys Day – Saturday 30th May
  • sit on the lawn and enjoy the live entertainment
  • go see the floral pavillion
  • a must is the conservation area at the back of the coffee shop
  • loved the food market last year
  • the playground is genius

How to get there:

Do and Don’t:

  • have a chat with the show garden people
  • don’t bring the dog
  • bring an umberella and wellingtons and sun cream
  • bring Grandma & the kids
  • bring a camera – don’t be afraid to take snaps
  • buy a programme and use the map!!
  • get there [very] early traffic last year was mental
  • use public transport if possible
  • say thank you if you had a great time!!
  • if you’re going – let me know – we can have coffee
  • let me know what you thought!

Good People for you to meet:

  • In the garden tent – Pat Fitzgerald is there. The brains behind the MyPlant range if you ever wanted to meet somone who breeds their own plants…. how do you invent a new plant….? Go ask Pat. He also helped out on this little matter with a few hundred plants and then with The Niall Mellon Garden when he was passing by…. lovely guy 😉  [Pat is on twitter as @patfitzgerald ]
  • In the engaging spaces…. is the Niall Mellon garden… brilliant stuff. Genius people. Make you think… head on over and say hello.

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see you there...

see you there...

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