The Guardian Newspaper – The New Carbon Hypocrites…?

Today I got a message noting the guardians coverage of a nice story

World’s coral reefs could disintegrate by 2100

Researchers at Carnegie Institution say corals are being overwhelmed by rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

This is the original post for The Guardian by Ian Sample, science correspondent, in San Diego…. It even has some lovely photos 😉


I read the piece. And a fine written article it is if I may say so. I was impressed. That was until I saw their ads for their online shopping parked right beside it…..


Yes that’s right…. you can read about the CO2 destruction of the coral reefs whilst drinking your coffee from a mug that has been posted and delivered to you from the UK…. ? Aparently….

It reveals the worlds most severe carbon footprint offenders

Erm…………? What’s the word I’m looking for……?

I live in Ballyboughal. So it’s plane to Dublin Airport. Then to the sorting office…somewhere…. then to Balbriggan and then to my house…… ?

I’ve spoke about green ethics here before… but this one simply stinks of anything that’ll make a few bob being very honest…. that is unless the guardian are going to have an organic corn fed carrier pidgeon deliver this mug right to my door….. ?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Guardian Eco section simply had a sign there saying buy local as possible…. ?


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the ‘organic’ bandwagon….?

organic bottled water.....?

organic bottled water.....?

Recently, I mentioned here:

But it all seems to me that organic in the monetary sense does 2 things.

  • it gets you pr
  • it sells your product

Here’s an example. Suffice to say I don’t wish to give [the self titled] ‘our founder’ website traffic [because I personally don’t agree with the ethos] – i’ve decided not to link to his shop. That shop would be the ‘organic supermarket [all one word] dot ie‘ based in Dublin.

On their FAQ’s I would point out 2 questions

  • do you support local farmers and suppliers?
    Yes, wherever possible we source local produce from surrounding Irish producers
  • do you support eco friendly issues?
    Yes, we like to do our bit for the environment.
organic-food joke courtesy

humourous... but extremely logic

Here’s a quick qustion then….? After you have saved the earth from its chemicals it’s then still ‘organic’ for someone to import [non-irish] pasta from Bolivia and then deliver it anywhere in Ireland.

Excuse me….?

I don’t have a carbon footprint calculator to hand. But isn’t that a big boat [& truck] load of CO2…. 🙄

At this point let me refer you to an article by Lloyd Alter entitled why bother with organics when you can’t even know what it means.

Here’s an alternate. If you take the Ardkeen Quality Foodstore – I found them by putting irish made pasta in a google search – its organic too [I rang the shop to say hi – retails at €3.50 for 250g btw]. But whilst Ardkeen don’t ‘qualify’ as an organic store – by definition legislation – they are logically greener, more organic by my estimation, kinder to the environment and more supportive of Irish jobs than the Bolivian Pasta & Belgian Chocolate buyers. I liked their fruit & veg page 😉

seamus walsh of lo-tide

seamus walsh of lo-tide

I then also rang Ardkeens supplier of Irish Organic pasta, Lo – tide. A Moran family run business and spoke with wife Carmel. It was explained that their pasta is for sale in Donnybrook Fair on Morehampton Road, but not in the ‘organic store’. She also asked me to mention that they would be at the Taste of Wicklow festival, K Club 23rd August, if anyone would like to sample their produce. Lo Tide Foods are in Moyna, Kilmeena, Westport, Co Mayo & can be contacted on Tel: +353 98 42616 or Email info[at]lo-tide[dot]com. They’re really nice people 🙂

I’m not saying Kevin Myers of the Irish Independent is 100% correct in his article Green Party is heading for an early extinction and its death should be a source of unbridled joy – on Genetically Modified food and nuclear power. But the guy does get one thinking and does make some valid & quite logic points. His first two paragraphs quite relevant to this

When you see intelligent, successful, wise people suckered by a fashionable but ridiculous idea — then it’s time to really worry.

For even under the now-departed Feargal Quinn, Superquinn was erecting signs in their supermarkets, declaring “No Genetically Modified Foods Sold Here.” A fatuous but suitably sanctimonious statement that was untrue in almost every single department, and about every single item on sale, save for perhaps the sun-dried sea salt from Brittany.

hmmmm......? true.

So what is organic….? is it simply one big bandwagon and sure whatever sells with that tagline, ‘certified’ of course, stuck to the label? or is it just one big ATM machine allowed to destroy the ozone layer whilst saving the land we farm….?

I’m going to put this image in again… it seems to make a lot more sense than me eating bolivian pasta and my belgian chocolates in front of of wide screen plasma. After that you could also try punching a hole in the roof of the entire planet and purchase some organic coconuts. Delivered of course…..

update 8th august

so the times online can produce a balanced paper on a controversial [?] subject this entitled Organic Food is just a tax on the gullible by Dominic Lawson….. I won’t comment – you decide.

*The Dublin Food Coop runs a food market every Saturday (09:30-16:30) and Thursday (14:00-20:00) at Newmarket in Dublin 8. Fresh local and artisan produce, mainly organic, and other products for sustainable living are on sale.

Darren is also a judge for the bord bia National Organic Awards 😉

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too much rain – water is precious

water is precious

water is precious

Apart from this being a really cool picture, the message is also superbly important.

What you do [?] and *your* role with *your* environment is of major importance. The taptips website is good and did make me think if I was doing enough. I already have my waterbutts, but can I do more….? The climate change website suggests so…. ?

The uk assembly wrote an amazing document [click here] titled: crazy paving – the environmental importance of londons front gardens. From that here is the opening paragraph.

if an area of greenspace in London the size of 22 hyde parks were to be concreted over there would, quite rightly, be a huge public outcry. But when the lost greenspace in question is made up of front gardens rather than parkland, we have let this happen with barely a murmor. Our research suggest that around two thirds of Londons front gardens are now either partially or wholely covered in an assortment, paving, bricks, concrete and other hard surfacing. Much of this is to create off-street parking space, but the convenience and the desire to create minimalist gardens fuelled by endless TV makeover shows have also played a role.

too mch rain in ireland

too much rain in ireland

Fair point really. And here is where our role starts. Energy saving light bulbs to your hearts content… but until the landscaping industry in it’s entirety start – right at the very start – with *our* homes, then little will give.

This was one of the pictures on Ricks website and although rainfall was unusually higher.. we can do our [not so difficult] bit to help.

From planting a tree, to pebble as a driveway instead of concrete; pebble instead of paving and using recycled timber instead of imported ‘decking’. The list i’m sure is endless, although quite logic and simple. The question is I suppose ‘what one change will you make?’

save a tree… recycle an envelope

I was looking at ways of making office life a little ‘greener’ recently and one monthly meet suggestion was to recycle our envelopes. A Forais na Gaeilge translation later, being that we are Barr 50 and we [sara] came up with this green – irish sticker.




At present we heat the office from recycled timber and compressed paper, mulch our coffee grinds and tea bags etc… as much as we can [another blog required I think…]. But is this something more of us should be doing more of ??

Next on the list is decomissioning that darned facsimile machine!